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  • 2009 Canadian Open Tournament Book

    We have decided to publish a tournament book for this years Canadian Open. The last book was well received, and the volunteers who put it together did an excellent job.

    This time around, I will be producing the book. I will try to live up to the standards of the last book (no guarantees, but I will try). The difference this time around is that instead of relying on volunteers to produce the book, we will rely on the paid employee. So I can say that a book will be available in October 2009. The cost will be $30.

    More details will be announced at the Canadian Open. See you there!

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    Re: 2009 Canadian Open Tournament Book

    Hi Tony,

    It's sounds like a terrific idea. I assume the book will be annotated so you can put me down for a copy.

    I will be in Edmonton for the CFC Annual General Meeting. Unfortunatley I do not have the vacation time for the Canada Open. I used up quite a bit of my vacation time playing in the 2oth NATO Chess Championship in Hammelburg, Germany.

    Cheers, Eric Van Dusen
    CFC Governor
    OCA Governor
    OCA Secretary
    RA Chess Club Executive Member - Tournament Director


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      Re: 2009 Canadian Open Tournament Book

      Hi Eric,

      Well, not all the games will be annotated?!

      There will be annotations from each of the titled players in the event. GM Shabalov will also be annotating 5 games per round. We will be providing the raw game scores from as many games as I can read. There should be lots of pictures, stats, xtables, simul results, stuff from the lectures, etc.... if anyone has any ideas of what else should go in, let me know.


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        Re: 2009 Canadian Open Tournament Book

        Great to read that you have decided to publish a tournament book. Both the 2005 and the 2000 book were excellent...John Quiring did a wonderful job on the 2005 book as did David Ottosen on the 2000 book. An excellent feature of the 2005 book was the section entitled Missed Opportunities at the beginning of the writeup on each round and the 2000 book had a great section on My five favorite games from each round. The many coloured photos in the 2005 book were a major plus also. I hope these few ideas help you with your planning for the 2009 book...and to help advance sales have a copy of the 2005 book on display. Phil Haley


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          Re: 2009 Canadian Open Tournament Book

          I have to make a price correction on the Canadian Open Tournament Book. After checking with our printer, it seems that it will cost more to print than I anticipated. Therefore the price will be $40 (which includes shipping).