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    There are so many resources online today (this month,this year and ongoing) We as viewers are so spoiled. A simple example is the games available at chessbomb.
    But you have to know what you are looking for (or you might end up suffering from boredom). I saw one of my favorite creative players GM Timur Gareev was playing in Chennai India. There's an adventure. Lets see his play. hes
    look at whites kings knight. After great maneuvers it ends up on g4. Whats it doing there? Oh Bd7 pure entertainment. Not all of his games went well. He ventured a Dragon and got caught in the opening. Then he got too creative and played a bad Kings Gambit and the rest was a horror story. But mostly pure entertainment from his games. And Id like to hear the story of his daily adventures. Hopefully he will publish them somewhere.