U.S. 2018 National Chess Tournament Scholastic Regulations

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  • U.S. 2018 National Chess Tournament Scholastic Regulations

    U.S. 2018 National Chess Tournament Scholastic Regulations

    February 15, 2018

    The regulations for 2018 have been approved by the Scholastic Council and Executive Board



    I am not sure what the Canadian regulations are but found these to be interesting. For instance, the site characteristics, program book and virtual students (who knew?)

    Site Characteristics.

    3.2.1 The Playing Hall must allow for a minimum of 25 sq. ft. of usable space per player. This should include space for spectators. The top 20 boards of all Championship sections, except for primary grades, should have no more than two boards per six or eight foot table. Bids must include a Playing Area able to accommodate the maximum number of expected players.

    3.2.2 The site should have a large Skittles Area that is at least half the size of the playing hall(s). The Skittles Area should be in the immediate vicinity of the playing site, indoors, and easily accessible from the playing room. It is recommended the Skittles Area be 3/4 of the size of the playing area(s).

    3.2.3 Team Rooms (especially for the Elementary and Middle School/Junior High events) should be available to coaches needing a more private area to instruct and counsel team members. Teams should expect to pay reasonable charges for the use of such space. Whenever possible, Team Rooms should be under the same roof as the Playing Hall, or in a building connected to it. The US Chess Main Office or the Event Organizer will advertise Team Room availability, pricing, and request and allocation procedures well in advance of the event. Team Room locations will be provided at the time the rooms are reserved by the team with the US Chess Main office.

    3.2.4 Toilet facilities must be adequate for large numbers of youngsters and must be inspected, cleaned and maintained every hour during rounds. Restrooms for players only should be easily accessible to the playing room.

    3.2.5 Water should be provided in the Playing Area(s) and maintained every hour during rounds.

    3.2.6 Pictures and descriptions of the tournament site, including size, lighting, available sanitary
    facilities, or any physical equipment available should be included with each contract.

    3.2.7 A map of the area should be available showing inexpensive restaurants and attractions near the site.
    This should be done on the website site and available on paper at chess control.

    3.2.8 For the National Middle School/Junior High (K-9) and National Elementary (K-6) Tournaments a
    "Play Area" should be provided that allows the children an acceptable area to run and play.

    3.2.9 A centrally-located information booth, called "Chess Control", shall be provided near the Playing Area, or on the primary route players will take to and from the Playing Area. Chess Control shall: Be a one-stop-shop where players, coaches and parents can enter into the tournament, change sections, check the status of their registration, and ask general questions about the
    event. Provide participants with directions to local restaurants, transportation, interesting sites,
    and other non-tournament information. Provide a message center where families and players can receive emergency information.
    This message center should have a pre-advertised phone number and/or email address. Serve as the central location for "Lost and Found."

    3.2.10 There should be food available on site that is priced comparably to fast food. There should be ample food services available that, if necessary, all of the anticipated participants may be fed within a two hour period. Food vendors should be open at least 60 minutes before the first round starts each day and close no earlier than 60 minutes before the last round is scheduled to end.

    3.2.11 The site must be handicapped accessible.

    3.2.12 It is recommended that a photographer be available throughout the tournament.

    3.2.13 Ample signage should be on display at numerous locations throughout the facility a minimum of
    twelve hours prior to the first scheduled event of the tournament.

    And the requirement of a Program Book:

    Program Book

    A tournament program book should be prepared that includes the following components:

    10.3.1 Schedule of events
    10.3.2 List of past winners
    10.3.3 Prize list
    10.3.4 Specific rules for the tournament (e.g. rules that supplement the official Rules of Chess) 10.3.5 List of tournament directors
    10.3.6 Volunteer staff
    10.3.7 Scoresheets for each round of play (extra scoresheets also must be prepared)
    10.3.8 Information about local restaurants and attractions.
    10.3.9 The location, time, and sequence of events for the Awards Ceremony.
    10.3.10 Instructions for "early pickup" of trophies after the last round.
    10.3.11 Player procedures and acceptable conduct for spectators, players, and coaches.

    And virtual students:

    13.4 Virtual School Students

    Teams may also be comprised of virtual school students.

    13.4.1 Virtual school students are students who receive more than 50% of their core curricular
    instruction on-line, but not in the school building.

    13.4.2 (Completely replaces 13.4.2 in the 2017 version.) Virtual schooled students have three options for participating on a scholastic team in US Chess National Scholastic Events:

    Virtual school students may play for their local public school in the same manner as home school students under the provisions of

    Virtual school students enrolled through the public school system and who live within the boundaries of their local public school may form a team in the same manner as home school students under the provisions of

    Students who attend the same virtual school, but do not live within the boundaries of their local public school, must seek prior approval from the US Chess Main Office as specified in 13.2.1 before registering to compete as a team.