2018 FIDE Election

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  • 2018 FIDE Election

    We have, to date, 3 candidates for the President of FIDE.

    1. The incumbent, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, put forward by the RCF

    2. Georgios Makropoulos announced his candidacy in early April

    3. Nigel Short announced his candidacy this week.

    The election takes place in early October of this year.
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    Dogs will bark, but the caravan of chess moves on.

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    2018 FIDE Election

    More from Kirsan's website.

    The Russian Chess Federation supported the candidacy of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who is running for FIDE president despite unprecedented pressure from the US. On 6 May, at the meeting of the Supervisory Board held in Sochi, the Russian Chess Federation opted to support the candidacy of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for FIDE elections. The incumbent FIDE President is running for reelection under unprecedented pressure from the US and their allies.
    At the meeting of the Supervisory Board, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov presented his programme and team (the presidential ticket). In turn, the Supervisory Board will form a list of instructions for Ilyumzhinov. In the near future the Russian Chess Federation will inform the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the Supervisory Board decision.
    Let us remind you that Ilyumzhinov has been holding the post of FIDE President since 1995. However, recently he was subjected to a massive information attack on the part of the United States. He is even included on the sanctions list for allegedly supporting the Syrian government. In 2017, the US launched defamation campaign against Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. They even tried to make him resign under the pretext of his good attitude towards Vladimir Putin.
    However, the President of FIDE did not succumb to pressure and announced that he would run for FIDE president. At the moment he is already supported by more than 50 world’s chess federations. The elections of FIDE president will be held in Batumi in autumn 2018.
    Of course, if Kirsan was from the US, then we would probably be told that the sun shines out of his a**. Let's be clear; it may very well be that the RCF takes the view that Kirsan is simply "low hanging fruit" that the US can attack, and may want a better candidate, which they don't see, but they probably have no doubt that their country is the real target.

    It's going to be another long, hot summer ...
    Dogs will bark, but the caravan of chess moves on.


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      Makropoulos writes to Canadian GM Spraggett

      GM Kevin Spraggett published on his site today a letter from Makropoulos. It is here.

      Some relevant quotes ...

      Originally posted by GM
      Before commenting on your above statement, let me clarify that I was always supporting Kirsan until the beginning of 2017 as his contributions to FIDE, and chess in general, were enormous and under his leadership FIDE achieved to unify again the World Championship cycle. But the Kirsan we knew before 2017 is not the Kirsan we have now.

      It is not only the US sanctions on Kirsan that have damaged FIDE’s reputation, it is also the sudden change in Kirsan’s behaviour with all the lies and the unjustified defaming remarks he makes, directly or through his team, for other FIDE officials including myself.

      Makropoulos takes the view that GM Short's candidacy helps Kirsan.

      As a last note I re-assure you that, even with 3 candidates (if Short decides to help Kirsan and run), I will win the elections from the first round. And if you think that I am too optimistic, see again above my prediction for the results of 2014, ten months before the actual elections.
      Very confident.
      Dogs will bark, but the caravan of chess moves on.


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        Sanctions on Kirsan but Canada welcomes terrorists

        The duplicity of Canada in these matters is disgraceful. The New York Times recently revealed that Canada allows ISIS terrorists to return to this country and are not prosecuted under our anti-terrorism laws. The Conservatives in Parliament absolutely shredded Trudeau in the Commons on this issue.

        Terrorist in Canada confesses

        Once this issue got some publicity, the former terrorist remarked that he didn't "really" behead people, etc.

        So, let's be clear. Kirsan is on US sanctions because of his alleged connection to a Syrian bank... which connects him to the government of Syria, which is allegedly supporting terrorism. However, the actual ISIS terrorists that are trying to overthrow the government of Syria are ... welcome in Canada.

        Meanwhile, in the US itself, the Washington Examiner has an article by Tom Rogan suggesting state terrorism by Ukraine against the newly opened bridge to Crimea. Somehow, I suspect that such open calls for acts of violence will be ignored by the Treasury Department.

        Up is down, black is white.
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        Dogs will bark, but the caravan of chess moves on.