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  • Isle of Man International 2018

    Isle of Man International 2018

    May 25, 2018

    October 20 – 28 – The strongest open of the year, and in the history of chess. Among the participants are Fabiano Caruana, Vladimir Kramnik, Ding Liren, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Sergey Karjakin, Wesley So, Hikaru Nakamura, Levon Aronian and Vishy Anand.

    From the official site: Isle of Man International Chess Tournament 2018

    Entries are now being accepted for the 2018 edition of the Isle of Man International Chess Tournament, to be held in Douglas from 20 to 28 October, yet again made possible by substantial sponsorship from the Scheinberg family, to whom the organisers are extremely grateful.

    The Masters’ is expected to be the world’s strongest open tournament this year, with many elite players in a field of up to 174 players. In addition, there will be two subsidiary, FIDE rated tournaments aimed at club players, the Major and Minor. Entry forms and Terms & Conditions for all three sections are now available via the home page of our website.

    The Masters will again be run as a 9 round Swiss, with a prize fund of £137,500, including £50,000 for first prize, £25,000 for second, £12,500 for third, and four-figure sums down to eleventh place. Women’s prizes total £15,750, including a first prize of £7,000.

    So far, eight of the world’s top twelve players on the latest FIDE rating list have committed to playing in the tournament: ex-World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik (world number 4); Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (5); Hikaru Nakamura (6); Wesley So (7); Ding Liren (8); Vice World Champion, Sergey Karjakin (9); ex-World Champion, Vishy Anand (11); and Levon Aronian (12). Other big names include Michael Adams and Nigel Short of England; Radek Wojtaszek of Poland; Alexei Shirov of Latvia; and Gata Kamsky of USA. We are also expecting a strong line-up of female players, including former Women’s World Champion, Alexandra Kosteniuk.

    The tournament will again be held in the prestigious Royal Hall of the Villa Marina, with the backing of the Isle of Man Department For Enterprise. We are also grateful to Manx Technology Group, once again providing invaluable IT support and equipment throughout the event., the world’s leading online chess site, will again be streaming live coverage of the tournament over 9 days, with commentary from Grandmaster Daniel King and International Master Anna Rudolf, backed by a world-class chess media team.

    Alas, there will be no random pairings in the first round of the Masters this year! After the stir we created in the chess world last year, FIDE effectively banned the practice, a very unimaginative and uninspiring decision in my view.

    More news will follow over the coming weeks and months. Thank you for your interest in our tournament.

    Alan Ormsby
    (Director, IOM International Chess Limited)


    The Top Forty (so far)

    1 GM Caruana Fabiano United States 2822
    2 GM Kramnik VladimirRussia 2792
    3 GM DingLiren China 2791
    4 GM Vachier-Lagrave Maxime France 2789
    5 GM KarjakinSergey Russia 2782
    6 GM So Wesley United States 2778
    7 GM NakamuraHikaru United States 2769
    8 GM Aronian Levon Armenia 2764
    9 GM Anand Viswanathan India 2760
    10 GM Wojtaszek RadoslawPoland 2750
    11 GM Le Quang Liem Vietnam 2728
    12 GM WangHao China 2710
    13 GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi India 2707
    14 GM Rapport Richard Hungary 2707
    15 GM Eljanov Pavel Ukraine 2702
    16 GM Howell David W L England 2701
    17 GM Adams Michael England 2701
    18 GM Naiditsch Arkadij Azerbaijan 2697
    19 GM Almasi Zoltan Hungary 2696
    20 GM Gelfand Boris Israel 2695
    21 GM Nabaty Tamir Israel 2692
    22 GM LekoPeter Hungary 2691
    23 GM Kamsky GataUnited States 2670
    24 GM Jones Gawain C B England 2667
    25 GM Xiong Jeffery United States 2661
    26 GM KasimdzhanovRustam Uzbekistan 2658
    27 GM Sethuraman S.P.India 2657
    28 GM Short Nigel D England 2656
    29 GM Shirov Alexei Latvia 2651
    30 GM Kovalev Vladislav Belarus 2648
    31 GM Sutovsky EmilIsrael 2644
    32 GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar India 2642
    33 GM Parligras Mircea-Emilian Romania 2642
    34 GM Fridman Daniel Germany 2636
    35 GM Meier Georg Germany 2636
    36 GM L'Ami Erwin Netherlands 2628
    37 GM Sevian Samuel United States 2619
    38 GM Gupta AbhijeetIndia 2617
    39 GM TariAryan Norway 2603
    40 GM Antipov Mikhail Al. Russia 2597


    Tournament Schedule: Masters Saturday 20 October to Sunday 28 October, 9 rounds, starting 2. 30pm daily (1. 00pm for round 9), approximate 7 hour sessions.

    2:30 PM Isle of Man time is 10:30 AM Toronto/Montreal time

    Rate of play 100 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 50 minutes for 20 moves, then 15 minutes for the remaining moves, with 30 seconds added per move from the start.

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    Re: Isle of Man International 2018

    Played in this a couple of times, highly recommended as a chess vacation. In fact, my avatar here is of me and Caruana at that tournament.


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      Isle of Man International 2018

      September 2, 2018

      Fabiano Caruana has withdrawn from the tournament and the top twenty entrants now are:

      1 GM Ding Liren China 2797
      2 GM So Wesley United States 2780
      3 GM Giri Anish Netherlands 2780
      4 GM Vachier-Lagrave Maxime France 2779
      5 GM Kramnik Vladimir Russia 2779
      6 GM Nakamura Hikaru United States 277
      7 GM Karjakin Sergey Russia 2773
      8 GM Anand Viswanathan India 2768
      9 GM Aronian Levon Armenia 2767
      10 GM Le Quang Liem Vietnam 2727
      11 GM Wojtaszek Radoslaw Poland 2727
      12 GM Rapport Richard Hungary 2719
      13 GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi India 2715
      14 GM Wang Hao China 2711
      15 GM Naiditsch Arkadij Azerbaijan 2711
      16 GM Eljanov Pavel Ukraine 2706
      17 GM Adams Michael England 2706
      18 GM Gelfand Boris Israel 2703
      19 GM Almasi Zoltan Hungary 2702
      20 GM Nabaty Tamir Israel 2692


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        Isle of Man International 2018

        September 19, 2018


        One other major feature of this tournament which closed elite tournament can’t deliver is the sight of the stars of the future in action. If the pairings pan out well, we can hope to see them getting their first shot at elite players.

        Two Indian players, Nihal Sarin and Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, were amongst the talented youngsters who caught the eye at last year’s tournament and they are back in 2018 with their shiny new GM titles. Sarin is 52nd in the pecking order, while Pragg is 57th, but you can be fairly sure that they will posing a major challenge to those ranked above them at this year’s tournament.

        There are plenty of other young players to look out for this year. Here’s a sample of them. Amongst those already sporting a 2700+ rating is Vladislav Artemiev of Russia, whom we have to remind ourselves has only just turned 20. Jeffery Xiong and Samuel Sevian, both in the vanguard of the USA’s growth in chess strength, are already rated in the mid-2650s and will still be only 17 when they play in the Isle of Man. Aryan Tari, the 2017 world junior champion and the most notable product of the Carlsen boom in Norway, is 19. He ranks 39th on the Isle of Man starting grid. Semyon Lomasov, 16, of Russia is another world champion, having taken the under 14 title in 2016. He doesn’t have his GM title yet but it can only be a matter of time as he is rated well in excess of 2500 and with a first place in February’s very strong Moscow Open under his belt.

        German IM Vincent Keymer won’t be 14 until November but two years ago he attracted the notice of Garry Kasparov who referred to him as “exceptional”. This spring he confirmed the legendary world champion’s judgement when he won the Grenke Open ahead of 49 GMs with a score that was 1½ in excess of the GM norm and a performance rated at 2798. Spanish IM Lance Henderson de la Fuente, whose parents are from the USA and Spain, is 15 and he made his mark at the 2018 Gibraltar International, achieving a GM norm with a remarkable 7/10 score, with wins against four GMs.

        John Saunders at


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          it makes sense that Fabiano dropped out he's too close to the WCC match so he should just be focusing on preparing for that tournament

          im excited to see how the juniors will do also!!


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            Isle of Man International 2018

            October 20, 2018

   Isle Of Man, Strongest Open Ever, Kicks Off Saturday

            Mike Klein at:


            The Irish Sea will play host once again to the top-flight open event Isle of Man International from October 20-28. This year's edition will be the strongest open tournament ever held.

            While the top four players in the world have decided to skip the turboprop flight, numbers 5-11 are all there along with about 170 other masters for this fifth edition. Headlining this year will be a field normally worthy of an elite round-robin event: Anish Giri, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Vladimir Kramnik, Wesley So, Viswanathan Anand, Levon Aronian and Alexander Grischuk (Grischuk's participation is not certain due to visa issues).

            Aronian and Grischuk are making their tournament debuts, while Vachier-Lagrave only played in 2014.

            At one point even more of the top 10 were signed up, but Fabiano Caruana withdrew back in August, ostensibly to focus on next month's world championship match in London. Magnus Carlsen will not return to defend his title, and while Hikaru Nakamura and Sergey Karjakin are still playing (the latter also making his debut!), both have recently fallen but are still inside the top 20.


            Some comments on-line

            - no Carlsen, no Mame, no Ding Liren, no Caruana, only patzers here

            - 1st prize is cool 50000 GBP

            Nigel Short - Heading for the Isle of Man today. After months of immersion in #chess politics, it will be a refreshing and healthy change to rediscover the joys of moving the pieces.

            Anna Rudolf – Isle of Man Chess off to a great start: the random seating got me a charming Englishman as a neighbour: my co-host Daniel King!