Spiros Papathanasakis (not chess related)

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  • Spiros Papathanasakis (not chess related)

    When I was in South Africa, our tour guide said: greed and corruption are part of the human DNA...well I always knew there were folks in that category but...not the majority, I thought (and still want to believe).

    Has anyone been following the articles in the last 2 days in The Globe and Mail exposing Spiros Papathanasakis in the GTA?

    Here is a link:


    Congrats to the Globe & Mail for this!

    We hear about corruption in Quebec all the time, but perhaps other provinces should take a look in their backyard...perhaps my tour guide was not far off the mark afterall...a sad state of affairs for sure.

    I know a fellow in the construction industry in Ontario...he tells me corruption does not happen there..what he should say is that he does not take part in that kind of garbage...

    I am happy I do business with him :)

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