A Death in Jaywick

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  • A Death in Jaywick

    A Death in Jaywick

    July 3, 2018

    I often wondered if you were told where you were going to die, if you could avoid going there to prolong your life.

    Suppose you are told that you will die in Cuba, so you have a firm resolve never to go there. You are on a plane from Toronto to New York, when it is hijacked, taken to Cuba and crashes killing everyone aboard as it lands. Fate!

    The relevance of all this is that there is a chess.com report that a Hikaru Nakamura bio entry references Wikipedia and says this:

    Hikaru Nakamura is a Japanese-American chess grandmaster. He is a four-time United States Chess Champion, who won the 2011 edition of Tata Steel Group A and represented the United States at five Chess…

    Died: 4 April 2018, Jaywick, United Kingdom

    FIDE rating 2769 (June 2018)

    Mike Klein at chess.com:

    Reports Of Nakamura's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

    He's not the first celebrity to have his life summarily truncated online. GM Hikaru Nakamura's chessic rebirth came by winning in Paris, but how did he celebrate his actual rebirth? After posting this "proof of life" on Twitter, he then wrote a Facebook update about eating poutine in Vancouver. A lover of sushi, it's unlikely Nakamura would choose cheese curds as a "last meal." “


    Some online comments:
    • In India they say…when you get false news of death of anyone, that person will live for 100 years
    • Stay the hell out of Jaywick if you know what is good for you
    • You seem to be taking it well. How’s the food on the other side?



    So Hikaru is alive and well. But what about Jaywick?

    “Once billed as an idyllic seaside holiday village, it’s now blighted by dilapidated homes, boarded-up shops and discarded mattresses.

    This is East Jaywick in Essex - England's most deprived place, according to the Government’s Indices of Multiple Deprivation. It is mainly home to temporary chalets built by businessman Frank Stedman, who bought marshes there in 1928 hoping to create a holiday village.

    Jaywick, the down-at-heel suburb of nearby Clacton, was ranked as the most deprived of all 32,482 small wards in England and Wales. It also has the greatest number of young people not in employment, education or training, with one third claiming Jobseeker's Allowance.”