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    About 10 Canadians are playing in the Open section - including GM's Anton Kovalyov and Razvan Preotu. There don't appear to be many Canadians in the lower sections.


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    Long time Canadian master and tournament veteran Victor Dzera is playing in the under 2200. He has been doing so for many years (decades?). May you continue with your magnificent combos Victor.


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      Dzera also re-entered the 5 day section after losing his first game in the 6'day section.


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        Current top Canadian GM Razvan Preotu with 2.5 from 3 rounds! There are 12 tied with 3 out of 3.


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          There seems to be no site with the live games. Chess Bomb, where I would expect to see live coverage, has no live feed but does cover live games from the Faroe Islands Open! Is it possible that the Continental Chess Assoc asked for a large fee to provide a live feed?


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            Here we go. Live games are on the CCCA site >>>>>>


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              If someone would be so kind as to post the final position from Anton's game, perhaps we could discover why Anton resigned.


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                Originally posted by Vlad Dobrich View Post
                If someone would be so kind as to post the final position from Anton's game, perhaps we could discover why Anton resigned.
                Looks like....
                3Rbr1k/p1Q1p1b1/3p3p/2pP4/2P2Ppq/2n5/P4PB1/2R2K2 w - - 0 1

                last move made: ....Bd7-e8

                Stockfish 8 main line from here:
                1.Qc8 Bd4 2.Rc2 Qh5 3.Rd2 g3 4.Qh3 Qg6 5.Qe6 Bf6 6.Rb8 gxf2 7.Rxf2 Rg8 8.Qh3 Bd7 9.Rxg8+ Kxg8 10.f5 Qg5 11.Bf3 Bxf5 12.Qg2 Bd3+ 13.Ke1 Bxc4 14.Qxg5+ hxg5 15.Rc2 Bxd5 16.Bxd5+ Nxd5 --/++
                Only the rushing is heard...
                Onward flies the bird.


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                  World Open

                  July 8, 2018

                  Final position of Kovalyov –- Petrosian 0-1

                  I am assuming that Kovalyov resigned when it was his move



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                    Very clever to resign a position stockfish takes 16 moves to demonstrate the win.

                    Thanks for the diagram, Wayne.

                    I did look at several continuations after Qc8 by White but saw no clear win - thanks.
                    Last edited by Vlad Dobrich; Sunday, 8th July, 2018, 10:33 PM.


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                      World Open

                      July 9, 2018

                      All of Kovalyov’s games from the Open

                      46thWorld Open
                      Philadelphia, PA
                      Round 1, July 4, 2018
                      Kovalyov, Anton (2658) -– Flaquer, Luis (2199)
                      E60 King’s Indian

                      1.c4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.d4 Bg7 4.e3 O-O 5.Be2 c5 6.d5 d6 7.Nc3 e5 8.e4 Nh5 9.g3 Na6 10.a3 Qe7 11.Nd2 Nf6 12.g4 Bh6 13.h3 Bf4 14.Nf3 h5 15.g5 Nh7 16.Bxf4 exf4 17.h4 f6 18.Rg1 Bg4 19.gxf6 Nxf6 20.Ng5 f3 21.Bd3 Nd7 22.Qd2 Ne5 23.Nd1 Qf6 24.Ne3 Nc7 25.Rb1 Qf4 26.Rh1 Bd7 27.Bf1 Rae8 28.Nd1 Qf6 29.Nc3 a6 30.b4 b5 31.bxc5 dxc5 32.d6 Ne6 33.Nd5 Qd8 34.Ne7+ Kg7 35.cxb5 Nd4 36.bxa6 Rxe7 37.dxe7 Qxe7 38.Rb7 Qd6 39.Bb5 Kh8 40.a4 c4 41.Ne6 Nd3+ 42.Kf1 Rf7 43.Qh6+ Rh7 44.a7 1-0

                      Round 2, July 5
                      Kiewra, Keaton (2367) - Kovalyov, Anton (2658)
                      E06 Catalan, Closed

                      1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 d5 4.Bg2 Be7 5.O-O O-O 6.d4 c6 7.Qc2 b6 8.Nbd2 Bb7 9.e4 Na6 10.Rd1 Rc8 11.b3 Rc7 12.Bb2 Qa8 13.e5 Nd7 14.Qd3 c5 15.Qe2 Nb4 16.dxc5 Nxc5 17.Ne1 dxc4 18.Bxb7 Rxb7 19.Nxc4 Rd8 20.Rxd8+ Qxd8 21.Rd1 Rd7 22.Rxd7 Qxd7 23.Ba3 Nc6 24.Bxc5 Bxc5 25.Nd3 Bf8 26.Qe4 h6 27.Kg2 Nd4 28.Nd6 Bxd6 29.Qxd4 Qc6+ 30.Kg1 Bf8 31.Qc4 Qf3 32.h4 g5 33.hxg5 hxg5 34.Qd4 Bh6 35.Ne1 Qe2 36.Qd8+ Kh7 37.Qd3+ Qxd3 38.Nxd3 g4 39.f4 gxf3 40.Kf2 Kg6 41.Kxf3 Kg5 42.Nb4 Bf8 43.Nc6 a5 44.Ke4 Bc5 45.a4 Bf2 46.Nd8 Kg6 47.g4 Bh4 48.Nc6 Bg5 49.Na7 Bd8 50.Nb5 Bh4 51.Nd6 Bf2 1/2-1/2

                      Round 3, July 5
                      Kovalyov, Anton (2658) -– Wang, Justin (2349)
                      A13 English, Neo-Catalan

                      1.c4 Nf6 2.Nf3 e6 3.g3 d5 4.Bg2 dxc4 5.Qa4+ Bd7 6.Qxc4 c5 7.Ne5 Qc8 8.Qd3 Nc6 9.Nxd7 Nxd7 10.Qb3 Be7 11.Nc3 O-O 12.O-O Nf6 13.d3 Qd7 14.Bf4 Rac8 15.Rfc1 Rfd8 16.Rab1 b6 17.Qa4 Nd5 18.Bd2 Bf6 19.Kf1 h6 20.a3 a5 21.h4 Be5 22.Nxd5 exd5 23.b4 axb4 24.axb4 Qg4 25.Bf3 Qh3+ 26.Bg2 Qg4 27.Bf3 Qh3+ 28.Bg2 1/2-1/2

                      Round 4, July 6
                      OConnor, Derek (2215) –- Kovalyov, Anton (2658)
                      E38 Nimzo-Indian, Classical

                      1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Qc2 c5 5.dxc5 Qc7 6.a3 Bxc5 7.Bg5 a6 8.Nf3 Be7 9.e3 d6 10.Be2 Nbd7 11.O-O b6 12.e4 Bb7 13.b4 O-O 14.Rfc1 Rac8 15.Nd2 Rfe8 16.Bf4 Ne5 17.Qb3 Nfd7 18.Rc2 Qb8 19.Rd1 Qa8 20.Be3 Bc6 21.f3 Qb8 22.Rdc1 Bb7 23.Na4 Bd8 24.Nc3 Ng6 25.g3 h5 26.f4 h4 27.Bf3 Nf6 28.Nd1 b5 29.c5 dxc5 30.Bxc5 hxg3 31.hxg3 e5 32.f5 Nf8 33.Nf2 Be7 34.Nd3 N8h7 35.Bxe7 Rxc2 36.Qxc2 Rxe7 37.Nc5 Ng5 38.Nxb7 Qxb7 39.Qc8+ Qxc8 40.Rxc8+ Kh7 41.Rc3 Kh6 42.Kg2 Rd7 43.Nb3 Ngxe4 44.Bxe4 Nxe4 45.Re3 Nf6 46.Kh3 Rd5 47.Nc5 Kh5 48.Nxa6 Rd2 49.g4+ Nxg4 50.Rb3 e4 51.Nc5 e3 52.Ne4 e2 53.Ng3+ Kg5 54.Ne4+ Kf4 0-1

                      Round 5, July 6
                      Kovalyov, Anton (2658) -– Abergel, Thai (2428)
                      A28 English, Four Knights, Romanishin variation

                      1.c4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.Nf3 Nc6 4.e3 Bb4 5.Qc2 Bxc3 6.Qxc3 Qe7 7.b3 d6 8.Bb2 O-O 9.d3 Bd7 10.Be2 a6 11.O-O b5 12.d4 b4 13.Qc2 e4 14.Nd2 Bf5 15.Rfc1 a5 16.Qd1 g6 17.a3 h5 18.axb4 Nxb4 19.d5 Nd7 20.Ra3 Nc5 21.Rca1 c6 22.Bc3 Ncd3 23.dxc6 Nxc6 24.Bxd3 exd3 25.Qf3 Ne5 26.Qf4 a4 27.Rxa4 Rxa4 28.Rxa4 Bd7 29.Ra7 Qe6 30.h3 Bc6 31.b4 Rc8 32.c5 Nd7 33.cxd6 Qd5 34.e4 Qe6 35.Rc7 Rxc7 36.dxc7 Bb7 37.Qg5 Qc6 38.Qd8+ Nf8 39.Qd4 f6 40.Qc4+ 1-0

                      Round 6, July 7
                      Lou, Yiping (2487) -– Kovalyov, Anton (2658)
                      E01 Catalan, Closed

                      1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 d5 4.Bg2 Be7 5.Nf3 O-O 6.O-O c6 7.b3 b6 8.Qc2 Nbd7 9.Rd1 Bb7 10.Nc3 Ba6 11.Nd2 b5 12.e4 dxc4 13.bxc4 bxc4 14.Na4 c5 15.dxc5 Rc8 16.Ba3 Qe8 17.Nxc4 Nxc5 18.Nab2 e5 19.Rac1 Ne6 20.Bxe7 Qxe7 21.Qa4 Bxc4 22.Rxc4 Nd4 23.Qa6 Qd7 24.Re1 Rb8 25.Na4 Ne2+ 26.Kh1 Ng4 27.Bf3 Nd4 28.Bxg4 Qxg4 29.Rc3 f5 30.exf5 Qxf5 31.f4 Rb1 32.Qc4+ Kh8 33.Rcc1 Rxc1 34.Qxc1 Qd7 35.Nc3 Rc8 36.Qb2 Qc6+ 37.Ne4 Nc2 38.Re2 Qc4 39.Qb7 Rd8 40.Rf2 Ne3 41.h3 exf4 42.gxf4 Nf5 43.Kh2 h6 44.Ng3 Nh4 45.Qxa7 Qc3 46.Qe7 Nf3+ 47.Kg2 Ne1+ 48.Kh2 Nf3+ 49.Kg2 Ne1+ 50.Kh2 1/2-1/2

                      Round 7, July 7
                      Kovalyov, Anton (2658) -– Shtembuliak, Evgeny (2517)
                      E61 King’s Indian

                      1.c4 g6 2.Nf3 Bg7 3.d4 d6 4.Nc3 Nf6 5.e3 O-O 6.Be2 Nbd7 7.b3 Re8 8.Bb2 e5 9.Qc2 c6 10.O-O Qe7 11.b4 e4 12.Nd2 h5 13.a4 h4 14.h3 Nf8 15.Rfc1 Bf5 16.a5 Ne6 17.Qd1 Ng5 18.a6 b6 19.Bf1 Rad8 20.d5 c5 21.bxc5 dxc5 22.Nb5 Qd7 23.Ra2 Nfh7 24.Bxg7 Kxg7 25.Rc3 f6 26.Be2 Nf7 27.Bg4 Ne5 28.Bxf5 gxf5 29.Rb3 Ng5 30.Qb1 Ra8 31.Nc3 Ng6 32.Ne2 Qd6 33.Kh1 f4 34.exf4 Nxf4 35.Nxf4 Qxf4 36.Qe1 f5 37.Re3 Nf7 38.f3 Nd6 39.fxe4 fxe4 40.g3 Qf5 41.g4 Qf4 42.Rc2 Rab8 43.Qa1+ Kg8 44.Qe1 b5 45.cxb5 Rxb5 46.Kg2 Rf8 47.Rec3 Rb4 48.Qe3 Qxe3 49.Rxe3 Rd4 50.Rec3 Rxd5 51.Rxc5 Rd3 52.R5c3 Rd5 53.Nf1 Rd1 54.Ne3 Re1 55.Rf2 Ra1 56.Rc6 Rxf2+ 57.Kxf2 Ra2+ 58.Ke1 Nb5 59.Nf5 Na3 60.g5 Nc2+ 61.Kd1 Nb4 62.Rg6+ Kf7 63.Rf6+ Kg8 64.g6 Rxa6 65.Ne7+ Kg7 66.Rf7+ Kh6 67.Rh7+ Kg5 68.g7 1-0

                      Round 8, July 8
                      Li, Ruifeng (2583) -– Kovalyov, Anton (2658)
                      B23 Sicilian, Closed

                      1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 a6 3.g3 b5 4.Bg2 Bb7 5.d3 e6 6.f4 Be7 7.Nh3 b4 8.Ne2 Nf6 9.O-O d6 10.Nf2 Nc6 11.c3 bxc3 12.bxc3 O-O 13.Rb1 Qc7 14.g4 Nd7 15.g5 Nd8 16.Ng3 Re8 17.Ng4 Bc6 18.Rb2 Rb8 19.Rbf2 Qa5 20.f5 Qxc3 21.f6 Bf8 22.fxg7 Bxg7 23.Nf6+ Bxf6 24.gxf6 Kh8 25.Bh6 Rg8 26.Nh5 Rg6 27.Bg7+ Kg8 28.Nf4 Rxg7 29.fxg7 Qxg7 30.Rf3 Kf8 31.Rg3 Qd4+ 32.Kh1 Rb2 33.Qh5 Rf2 34.Qh6+ Ke7 35.Rxf2 Qxf2 36.Rf3 Qxa2 37.Qh4+ Ke8 38.Rf1 Ne5 39.Qxh7 Bb5 40.h4 Nxd3 41.Nh3 Ne5 42.Rg1 Qd2 43.h5 f6 44.Qg7 1/2-1/2

                      Round 9, July 8
                      Kovalyov, Anton (2658) –- Petrosian, Tigran L (2607)
                      A88 Dutch, Leningrad, main variation

                      1.c4 f5 2.g3 Nf6 3.Bg2 g6 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.O-O O-O 6.d4 d6 7.Nc3 c6 8.Qb3 Kh8 9.Rd1 Na6 10.Qa3 Ne4 11.Be3 Nc7 12.Rac1 Nxc3 13.Qxc3 h6 14.Qd2 g5 15.d5 c5 16.b4 b6 17.bxc5 bxc5 18.h4 f4 19.gxf4 g4 20.Nh2 Qe8 21.Qa5 Na6 22.Bd2 Qh5 23.Nf1 Qxh4 24.Ng3 Nb8 25.Rb1 Nd7 26.Rb3 Nf6 27.Qc7 Bd7 28.Bc3 Rad8 29.Rdb1 Nh5 30.Rb8 Nxg3 31.Rxd8 Nxe2+ 32.Kf1 Nxc3 33.Rc1 Be8 0-1

                      World Open 2018 Final Standings Open Section

                      1 Illia Nyzhnyk 7.5 $20,500
                      2-5 Lazaro Batista 7.0 $4700
                      2-5 Alex Shimarov 7.0 $4700
                      2-5 Aleksandr Lenderman 7.0 $4700
                      2-5 Tigran Petrosian 7.0 $4700

                      15 Anton Kovalyov 6.0
                      22 Razvan Preotu 6.0
                      78 Dezheng Kong 5.0
                      88 Tanraj Sohal 4.5
                      99 Hairan Liang 4.5
                      118 Viatsheslav Rek 4.0
                      139 William Graif 3.5
                      156 Patrick Huang 3.5
                      Last edited by Wayne Komer; Monday, 9th July, 2018, 03:55 PM.