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  • World Team Senior Championship

    After many tournaments in Canada there I was the oldest (or almost the oldest) player, finally I am one of the youngest players in the event. Canadian Team (D.Cummings - V.Plotkin - I.Findlay - M.Barron) plays in the World Team Senior Championship in Radebeul (Dresden's suburb), Germany.

    Some details about this event:

    - 2 sections: 50+ and 65+, more than 60 teams in every section.

    - swiss 9 rounds, team points counted first, individual points used as a tie-break

    - every country can send more than one team; Germany sent about 30 in every section.

    - Canada participated in this kind of tournaments only once - 2 years ago (Hebert-Hergott-O'Donnell-Ross-Ross). It was exactly the same location and time of the year

    - our average rating ranks us 9th among 67 teams. USA is number one

    - first round at 4 PM local time (6 hours difference with Toronto). We play against German team (average rating 2008)

    - it's probably not going to be easy, taking into account our flight complications. Our initial flight Toronto-Prague was cancelled and rescheduled for 18 hours later. Instead of arriving yesterday at 8 AM in Prague, 3 of us arrived today at 1 PM. Lucky, rent-a-car office in airport was not closed yet, and we got a car. After 2 hours driving (thanks to Michael and Ian for navigation) we finally arrived around 4 AM

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    Good luck!


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      Best of luck to you guys - fly the flag!! At least exhaust them, if you don't win!!

      Bob A


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        Ian Findlay's round 1 game annotated on the CFC Newsfeed:

        (be sure to check out the game Kamsky - Chiku-Ratte (Calgary, 2016) in the notes.)