Hello all,

My name is Adeline and I am a grade 12 at a high school in Oakville. Currently, I have a project that I am incredibly passionate about, but I am in desperate need of help to complete it.

For my project, I am briefly interviewing parents (mothers or fathers for around a minute), who are either expecting a baby soon, or already have a baby, about some of their feelings. The 2-3 questions will be simple and open-ended, such as:
“How would you describe your feelings when you first discovered that you were pregnant?” 0r “What were your feelings during the first moments of your baby’s birth?”

Once I have enough videos, they will be upload on YouTube if the person gives their consent, and their faces will be blurred if asked. I can also send the edited footage to the person interviewed as well.

The main purpose of this project is for teenagers to witness the possible emotions that their parents might have felt during their birth, and to reflect back on their childhood relationships with their parents during a time when such bonds may be more strained.

Additionally, this video will also be directed at the parents of teenagers since it may help remind them of the time when they were the new parents. I hope that perhaps, it can help them if they are going through a difficult time period as their child enters adulthood and strengthen the bond between parents and their children.

Lastly, it is also directed at other soon-to-be or new parents to relate to or reference, especially if pregnancy is a new experience for them. If anyone is willing to help me complete my dream project, I would greatly appreciate it.
To contact me, my email is ayw254@gmail.com
The above topic is not directly related to chess. The reason I post here is,
I have been engaged in educational research and practice related to chess for 20 years in Canada. I have been trying to promote the chess in all kinds of parents community, to tell them chess players are not only mostly wise, but also a group of honest and kind people. Chess will help their children growing in meaning of education with the benefits, not just learning in the battle over the board as a game.

Recently, I received some parents' help requests who have always agreed with my point of view for chess. The high school girl's project above mentioned is not her school work, but she hopes to influence the teannegers through her efforts, its educational philosophy is very closed with my promotion of chess. Therefore, I asked chesstalk to let me extend this post to everyone. Thank you very much.

William Yuan