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  • Olympic Fund Donations

    It looks like it will require about $20,000 to send the Canadian Teams to: The 43rd Chess Olympiad, Batumi 2018 Georgia

    The CFC would probably be able to handle this without our help, but I have always believed that members should do what they can to make a difference.

    This was posted on the CFC site recently:

    Olympic Fund Donations

    Date Who Event Amount

    Jun-17 Aurora Chess Club Club simul with Michael Song $175.00
    Dec-17 Harold Brown $50.00
    Feb-18 Aurora Chess Club Early Frost $150.00
    Apr-18 Edward Enns $25.00
    May-18 Hal Bond Guelph Spring ProAm $280.00
    Jun-18 Aurora Chess Club June Simul $110.00
    Jun-18 David Cohen $50.00

    I have donated in some (not all) of the previous years.

    For the 2018 event, I would like to donate $500 (this is a personal donation and it has nothing to do with the Chess'n Math Association) , and I encourage everyone else to make an effort. This is a good cause!

    Bob Gillanders, please contact me for my credit card info if you do not have it on file.



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    Thank you Larry for that generous donation!


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      Thanks Larry, you've set the bar high !!


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        Looking at the options from an internet search yielded lots of options for flight tickets in the $1200 to $2000 range. Today there didn't seem to be anything under $3000. Try separate searches for Toronto to Paris and then Paris to Batumi and then we are back in a more reasonable range. My suspicion is that we are probably looking at $25k or more when all is said and done.