2018 Quebec Open Chess Championship (July 21-28)

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  • 2018 Quebec Open Chess Championship (July 21-28)

    BLOG - Over the years, I have blogged many of my tournaments on official chess websites, chess discussion boards, Facebook, etc. I focus almost exclusively on the sections in which I play (I am 1715 FQE) - usually the U 2000 & U 1800 sections. This is because it gets little official coverage generally, yet most Canadian players are in the B, C & D classes.

    This year I am in the U 2000 section of the Quebec Open Chess Championship. And I am blogging it!

    It is on my personal Facebook account, for those who might be interested (https://www.facebook.com/bob.armstrong.9235).

    Bob A

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    Hi Bob,

    All the best to your tournament. Good luck !

    I wish I could join you.....

    One day....I will



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      Hi Gary:

      Thanks for the luck.....hope it can overcome some lack of skill!!

      But am I going to see you at the Montreal Summer Chess Classic right after the COQ?

      Bob A


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        Update: I have been posting my blog of the 2018 Quebec Open Chess Championship on my own personal Fb Account (https://www.facebook.com/bob.armstrong.9235) as mentioned in the originating post. I have posted Blog # 1 (18/7/20 - Day Prior) & Blog # 2 (18/7/21 - Rd. 1).

        But I have now run into a technical snag with respect to my Microsoft Office Suite of programs, including Word. So temporarily, I am not able to continue the blog this way (By preparing a Word draft).

        I intend as well to blog the 2018 Montreal Summer Chess Classic this way. But it may also be affected if this problem-solving becomes a long drawn-out process.

        As soon as I am able to solve this issue, and get back to blogging, I will so post here.


        Bob A


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          Some ChessTalkers have been interested enough in what I might be currently blogging re the U 2000 Section of the 2018 Quebec Open Chess Championship, that they have made the effort to follow the URL link to my personal Fb Account. Two things are happening:

          1. If the CT'er does not have a Fb account, they are blocked from getting to my personal account, until they agree to open a personal Fb account of their own. For those not wanting to open an account of their own, for whatever reason, then there is no access for them to my current blog. It is because of this that I have started my third Admin. Question thread, asking Henry/Dark Knight if he will agree to allow me to post my blog on his CT site (See other thread).

          2. If the CT'er does have a Fb account, the link takes them right to my personal account page. But......lo & behold.......they find my page not like the pages of their Fb friends.


          Well, I have morphed my personal Fb account into an international world-issues discussion club.....we hash over absolutely everything......and the club members (All my friends) span all specturms - political, religious, gender, race, nationality, etc.. We discuss on average 14 different world issues daily.

          So where does my Chess Blog come in?? Well a number of my Fb friends, and discussion club members, play, or at least follow, chess! So I do post my blog as part of the discussion material, and my blog is fair game for attack, praise, questions, etc.

          So.....given the various types of posts going up daily, when a CT'er goes to my Fb account, you must scroll down through all our discussion posts to locate the Chess Blog - it is there with two nice pictures - chess pieces/the Quebec Provincial Flag. So when scrolling down, you can't miss it.....you just have to be patient getting to it. And thanks to those making the effort to get to my blog........of course..... the downside you know.......is that I am encouraged to continue to inflict myself on you by your very effort - people like you keep me going!!

          I am still trying to solve my technical Microsoft Office Suite problem, affecting my use of my Word program. In the meantime I am, later today, going to do a very truncated blog for Rds. 2 & 3 on Sunday, typed up as a Fb post on the original post. Also, I am now downloading a non-proprietary word processing program to start using while I am at war with Goliath!

          Bob A


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            A Quick Update

            Henry/Dark Knight, the new owner of Chess Talk, has now kindly invited me to re-post my 2018 COQ Blog on his site, after I put it on my Fb Account. Thanks from me, and my non-Fb chess friends!

            Sooooo ....... for those interested chess players who do not, or will not, go onto Facebook..........you will no longer have to ask someone else: "What in the world is that guy saying about this tournament???"

            You can just come here to Chess Talk.....and all will be revealed!

            I am intending to go back down into the depths of my Fb timeline, to locate my Blog # 1 of last Friday - there are lots of posts on my life discussion club timeline since then! But I'll patiently go find it and start a new thread here with it, and the following ones.

            I can't do this today though - have to go play with my granddaughter.......but it will be my project Wednesday morning.

            Bob A