2018 CFC AGM (and Elections)

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  • 2018 CFC AGM (and Elections)

    The CFC AGM is being held online from August 20-26 on the CFC Forum.

    Posts from the entire meeting will be readable by the public, however only Voting Members (ex-Governors) will be able to post (and vote). The meeting is held in two essentially simultaneous segments: 1) the Outgoing Meeting and 2) the Incoming Meeting.

    There is a post in the open Chat Forum where people can nominate themselves or others for Director (Executive), Special Officer or Committee member (National Appeals Committee (NAC), Kalev Pugi Fund, or Chess Foundation Trustee).

    Note: Under the terms of the present agreement with FQE, the 3 Voting Members from Quebec are selected (voted on) by the rest of the voting members, so nominations are possible here as well (to run against the 3 nominees from the FQE).

    CFC Director (Treasurer)