Two European Youth Championships?

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  • Two European Youth Championships?

    While looking at databases of recent games, I came across the following two events:

    1) 16th European Youth Chess Championship - U8-U14 - under the patronage of the European Chess Union. Kouty nad Desnou (CZE), August 6th–15th, 2018.
    (tournament regulations:

    2) EUROPEAN YOUTH CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 - under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Riga, Latvia, 19th-30th August, 2018.
    (tournament regulations:

    They both have the European Chess Union logo attached. Does anyone know what's going on here? Two conflicting groups? The Riga one seems to have had higher rated players in the U14 group - the only group for which I have seen games supplied from both events. (Riga guaranteed at least 10k euros in prizes/gifts; the Czech one only 6k)

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    The FIDE Calendar only lists the Riga event (which of course has the proper age groups).


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      OK. That first event is only open to members of EU countries.


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        Both events are listed in the ECU page.

        The Riga event is listed under "Official Calendar", and the Czech one under "Affiliated Calendar – events under the patronage of the European Chess Union".. The Czech one has been FIDE rated under the name "European Union Youth Championships". The Riga one is titled "European Youth Chess Championship". There must be some subtle difference between the two events and how to qualify. Both state that anyone from an ECU country is eligible. There are 54 members (I think Bulgaria has been suspended by FIDE for non-payment of fees or something similar):


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          A reply I received was:

          "Those are two different championships: One is European Union chess Championships , so only countries in European Union can participate The other one is European Youth Chess Championship in which any countries in Europe can take part in."

          What European countries are not in the European Union (besides Bulgaria - which was expelled in 2016)? So Bulgarians can take part in the EYCC - but not in the EUCC?


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            There are several countries that are part of the FIDE Continent of Europe that aren't in the European Union (Israel would be the best example).


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              I'm getting confused between the European Union and the European (chess) Union. The European (chess) Union members (54) are here (including Israel, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and assorted parts of the United Kingdom - but not Northern Ireland, which is considered part of Ireland for chess purposes):


              The European Union has only 28 member countries:


              So I guess the EUCC is only open to the 28 countries of the EU, and the EYCC is open to the 54 countries of the ECU (plus Bulgaria)? (a Northern Ireland player would represent the UK in the EUCC and Ireland in the EYCC).