Does Canada have TWO NEW GMs?

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  • Does Canada have TWO NEW GMs?

    Examining the site just now, and checking the section for international title applications, I found that, apparently, Canada will be getting two NEW Grandmasters!!!! This may be pending each of them raising their ratings to 2500+, as both are in the 2450 range, and a 2500 rating is a requirement for the GM title.

    First: IM Raja Panjwani (third norm scored at American Continental, Montevideo, Uruguay, in June, with 6.5/9). Raja is well-known in Canadian chess, and my former student (circa 2000-2004)!!!!

    The second recipient was unknown to me until just now: IM Kaiqi Yang, registered with FIDE as Canadian, second and third norms scored recently at Novi Sad, Serbia; first norm Subic Bay Freeport in 2009.

    Perhaps someone from the CFC Executive could provide more information about this. Congratulations to both players on their tremendous achievements!!

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    Hi Frank:

    I just know a bit - Kaiqi lives in Markham and plays a lot in the GTA. Most recently he played in the 2018 Canadian Open in Quebec City.

    Bob A


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      Great news! Congrats to both of them, especially Raja, who played in the Calgary International and taught me a sharp lesson. I even made it to his book.