2019 Quebec Open dates and location - here they are...

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  • 2019 Quebec Open dates and location - here they are...

    A few people have been asking me and/or posting here about the 2019 Quebec Open.

    Dates: July 21-27, 2019.
    Place: Sandman Hotel, Longueuil (same location as in 2018).

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    Much thanks. Do you have any links to a website, pdf file, etc.?
    Dogs will bark, but the caravan of chess moves on.


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      All details will be announced "soon". I will post when I see them.


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        Hi Hugh:

        I had started a 2019 Quebec Open thread on 18/12/2.

        I have now closed that thread and asked everyone to follow the topic here now.

        Thanks for the info - I will be playing in the Quebec Open in 2019 I think, rather than going to the 2019 Can. Open in Regina. As you know, the big factor for me in deciding this each year is that some of my family lives in Montreal, and I can see them if I play in the Montreal tournament.

        Bob A


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          Hi again Hugh:

          When the details become available and you post them here, will you make sure the "refund policy" is stated? At what date does the registration fee get forfeited or partial refund with penalty?