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    Howard Ridout's son cleared out the garage as the house has been sold. Jack Ridout has held onto a 1946 correspondence chess medal, book with thank you note from Benko in 1964, and thank you cards made by kids Howard taught in the 1990s. We don't have a copy of the card that stated he was CFC member #4.
    I've gone through the remains, and will probably throw out almost everything unless somebody wants it:

    9 Trophies mostly 1960s from the Scarborough and YMCA Chess Clubs. Some need cleaning. A couple are good enough to give back to the Scarborough Chess Club, perhaps they can regive them out? The SCC Speed Champion 1965 is a nicer trophy, should it be sent to Montreal's Chess Hall of Fame? Not as nice as the bowl for the Harmonie chess Club Champion which the Rudy Draxl family has (had?).

    4 chess sets and 2 small boards. I can give to a local school. And the books 1973 (1908) 200 Classic Chess Porblems by Frank Healey and 1985 The Kings of Chess by Hartston.

    The crosstable from the 1964 Canadian Open, bent, stained and chewed on. I'm going to throw out. Flyer for that event.

    1st draft of the CFC Constitution 1960.

    List of Scarborough CC members 1960-1 and 1961-2 (43 in total) and includes long-time members Bill Albin, Alex Knox and John Kohlfurst.

    Feb. 1960 and a few Canadian Chess Chats 1964, property of Scarborough Chess Club.

    Michigan Chess Bulletin August 1963 with the crosstable for the Western Open. Ridout scored 5-3, also Theodorovitch, Kerns, Avery and Haley. Won by Fischer. Also have Fischer on cover of January 1964 Chess Life.

    Pairings for the 1964 Metro Toronto Chess League. Also list of 11 clubs for 1965-6 and 10 clubs for 1966-7.

    1963 CFC Rating list. 1965 CFC rating list (Ridout was 73rd top Canadian). 1970 ratings booklet.

    Also invite letter to the 1966 Canadian Open in Kingston.

    Some 1967 Montreal chess columns sent from Moe Moss.

    Metro Toronto Chess Calendar 1968 (one page list of big events).

    In very good shape, program book for the 7th Canadian Open in Hart House 1968.

    Flyer for the Amsterdam Festival of Grandmaster Chess 1973. A week of GM lessons, airfare and hotel for $315.

    Wall pairings for SCC Kriegspiel tournament.

    Check! C.C.C.A. Oct 1980 & Oct 1981.

    CFC magazines Chess Canada Echecs 1979 to EN Passant 1995.

    Howard had the 3 copies of the Ontario Chess News 1981-2 and most of the 1983 Canadian Open bulletins, the 1978 Canadian Closed booklet (all that I edited), but not the Scarborough Kibitzer 1978 which I also edited.

    Letters related to GTCL issues in 1984 to OCA issues in 1988. Stuff on 1987 Canadian Open. He gave simults up north and has a plaque from Thunder Bay. He obtained Earl Bales as a location for the Willowdale Chess Club. A folder of Day chess columns.

    Letter about the 10 club league west of Toronto. Howard was trying to get them to join the CFC.

    Windsor Chess Chatter, issue Feb 1987.

    A ripped apart issue of Modern Iceland, Special Issue Centuries of Chess, 4-1987.

    A bulletin in advance of the Saint John's World Chess Festival 1987.

    A couple of photos of Howard with mayors and in school publications 1990s.

    Contracts and rules with shopping malls where he gave simults.

    Canadian Chess Challenge 1994/95 School Kit.

    Notice of volunteer shield received at banquet in Scarborough in 1989.

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    Kriegspiel! Let's revive that without the wimpy Internet rules - e.g. being alerted that a piece or a P has been captured on a given square. Using the traditional rules - only the alert that a capture has been made on the square.

    (Leo WIlliams once played three games of Kriegspeil simultaneously blindfolded - his tries were passed to the referee on pieces of paper. One win; one draw; one loss).