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  • Portugal Open 2019

    Portugal Open 2019

    January 11, 2019

    The Portuguese Chess Federation will hold the Portugal Open from 2-10th February 2019 at the Pavilhão Casal Vistoso in Lisbon.

    The tournament will be a 9-round Swiss system, rated for FIDE, and valid for title norms. The tournament is included in the national Classical Chess Circuit.

    On 10 February, there will be an (optional) rapid tournament, included in the national Rapid Chess Circuit.

    Top prizes are 2500€ / 1600€ / 1000€ / 800€ / 700€ / 600€ / 500€ etc

    Currently 132 players from 32 federations are registered to take part in the event. Among them are 15 Grandmasters and 14 International Masters.

    Starting time 19:00 hours, which is 2:00 PM Toronto/Montreal time.



    Initial Ranking

    Nº. Name FED ELO

    1 GM Motylev Alexander RUS 2644
    2 GM Iturrizaga Bonelli Eduardo VEN 2637
    3 GM Petrov Nikita RUS 2585
    4 GM Xu Xiangyu CHN 2567
    5 GM David Alberto ITA 2559
    6 GM Bernadskiy Vitaliy UKR 2550
    7 GM Jakubowski Krzysztof POL 2516
    8 GM Stefansson Hannes ISL 2514
    9 GM Spraggett Kevin Barry CAN 2513
    10 GM Galego Luis POR 2508
    11 IM Bilguun Sumiya MGL 2471
    12 GM Miezis Normunds LAT 2469
    13 IM Iniyan P IND 2456
    14 IM Butkiewicz Lukasz POL 2444
    15 IM Damaso Rui POR 2438
    16 FM Srinath Rao Sankrantipati Venkata IND 2433
    17 Mu Ke CHN 2431
    18 WGM Ni Shiqun CHN 2427
    19 GM Thorhallsson Throstur ISL 2425
    20 GM Campora Daniel ARG 2417
    21 IM Rajesh V A V IND 2410
    22 IM Kaasen Tor Fredrik NOR 2409
    23 FM Haug Johannes NOR 2402
    24 IM Sukandar Irine Kharisma INA 2397
    25 IM Low Zhen Yu Cyrus SGP 2385
    26 IM Carrasco Martinez Juan M. ESP 2380
    27 IM Krishna Teja N IND 2371
    28 IM Miedema David NED 2370
    29 FM Martin Duque Jesus ESP 2365
    30 IM Rocha Sergio POR 2360
    31 FM Aguera Naredo Javier ESP 2345
    32 FM Tryggestad Andreas Garberg NOR 2333
    33 FM Pantzar Milton SWE 2331
    34 WGM Gu Xiaobing CHN 2326
    35 Fus Jakub POL 2326
    36 FM Godzwon Iwo POL 2323
    37 FM Kowalski Igor POL 2312
    38 IM Ilic Zoran S SRB 2302
    39 Chinguun Sumiya MGL 2286
    40 FM Risting Eivind Olav NOR 2281
    41 FM Pacan-Milej Kosma POL 2273
    42 FM Storme Isak SWE 2271
    43 FM Chylewski Patryk POL 2268
    44 FM Bubalovic Davorin CRO 2249
    45 WFM Li Yunshan CHN 2246
    46 FM Nordquelle Daniel NOR 2235
    47 CM Garcia Dorado Alberto ESP 2235
    48 Santos Jose Guilherme Barria POR 2235
    49 FM Ranaldi Lucas NOR 2230
    50 FM Rego Pedro POR 2228
    51 FM Nielsen Andre NOR 2211
    52 Lindbol Aleksander NOR 2204
    53 Costa Paulo Jorge Lopes POR 2200
    54 FM Ermeni Avni KOS 2194
    55 Li Xueyi CHN 2194
    56 Tscharotschkin Michael GER 2178
    57 NM Paiva Henrique POR 2174
    58 Borges Guilherme Deola BRA 2171
    59 WIM Newrkla Katharina AUT 2162
    60 FM Santos Antonio Pereira POR 2139
    61 Lisowski Krzysztof POL 2135
    62 FM Pascoal Eduardo A ANG 2132
    63 Pirola Claudionor Alcides Lima BRA 2130
    64 Dias Ricardo Pedro Cruz POR 2128
    65 Bruaset Eivind NOR 2124
    66 WFM Cholleti Sahajasri IND 2122
    67 FM Thompson Ian D ENG 2121
    68 Bub Volker GER 2108
    69 Hodovsky Jiri CZE 2106
    70 WFM Froewis Annika AUT 2100
    71 Barbier Wim BEL 2086
    72 Fernandez Montero Francisco M. ESP 2070
    73 Golecki Jan POL 2064
    74 Fernandez Vallejo Luis ESP 2063
    75 Huse Sigurd Kjelsbol NOR 2060
    76 Romano Joao Manuel Pereira POR 2055
    77 Soares Luis F Almeida M Sousa POR 2036
    78 Fernandes Ricardo Paulos POR 2020
    79 Kocian Miroslav CZE 2013
    80 Slovak Pavel CZE 2007
    81 Cavaleiro Daniel Filipe Costa POR 2000
    82 Thibault Pierre-Olivier FRA 1994
    83 Myrheim Hakon Abeland NOR 1993
    84 WFM Skogvall Martina GER 1992
    85 Rionda Medio Angel Arturo ESP 1992
    86 Rogers Tim L ENG 1981
    87 Mendes Modeste POR 1979
    88 Bouton Christophe FRA 1964
    89 Archambault Serge CAN 1959
    90 Fossan Aleksander NOR 1949
    105 Aguiar Carlos Alberto Branco POR 1817
    106 Taylor Robert Graham WLS 1809
    107 Grenier Jean-Luc CAN 1800
    108 Elias Ruben Joel Monteiro POR 1797
    109 Iasman Inna FRA 1794
    110 Fielding Michael ENG 1791
    148 Bourassa Louis CAN 0

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    3 of us are from the St-Jérôme chess club, in Québec. Not the best time of the year for vacations in Portugal, but it should be fun anyway :-). As far as I'm concerned, I'll be VERY Happy to see lots of friends I haven't seen for over a decade. Jean-Luc and Louis are there for the "international" experience :-). Contrary to what is mentionned, Jean-Luc doesn't have a 1800 rating (even his highest FQE rating has never been that high). There is a very decent chance we take some byes and play tourists while there. So far, Fatima, Sintra and Faro are on my plans. It has been agreed that I would write an article about the event in the March issue of the FQE magazine.
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      Portugal Open 2019

      January 11, 2019

      I’d love to see your postings about arrival, touristing and playing, on this thread, if they didn’t clash with your FQE agreement.


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        Before anything, as I said, my travelling to Portugal is mainly to spend some time with friends I haven't seen for over a decade. In fact, most of them, I've last seen at the: I Open Hotel D. Luisin Coïmbra, in April 2007. The hotel in question, was at a magnificent location right on the side of a mountain (Google it, it's worth it as Coïmbra is also my favorite city to visit in Portugal). IA Carlos Dias (who happens to be the tournament's Chief Arbiter), GM Kevin Spraggett, Jose Cavadas (local organizer) to name a few of those people.

        Also, a long time ago (in 2001) I was fortunate enough to meet the past Portuguese Federation's President, and chess icon in his country (also involved with FIDE), IM Joaquim Durao. M. Durao and his wife loved Canada very much and he had numerous tails about the tournaments he played here in Canada when he was younger. Sadly, he died in 2015 at the age of 84 years old. Since then, M. Dominic Cross has taken over (and happens to be the tournament's organizer) so I can't wait to meet the man.

        I'm leaving Montréal on January 29th and stopping over in Paris for one night. Early morning on January 31rst, I'm flying directly to Lisbon. There, I pick up the car I rented for the next 10 days and go directly visit my very dear and close friend (since 2001) IA Carlos Dias and his wife Lurdes in Leiria. Note that I'd also like to visit another old friend while in that area, Jose Cavadas, who happens to be a very well known organizer in Portugal and who will be present as a player in the tournament. In 2006, my wife happened to be the Chief Arbiter of a tournament he organized in Benedita (in which Carlos, José and I played), the IV FIDE Academia Xadrez Benedita, so I hope it will be possible for me to visit him and his wife, while there. Back then, José's wife spent a whole day cooking a meal for us that was the best meal I ever had in my entire life !! On the 31rst, we should also visit Fatima. All this is already planned, for now. I'm meeting with Jean-Luc and Louis only on the first day of the tournament, on February 2nd (they really come in at the last minute and leave right after the tournament, not even staying for the rapid tournament afterward). Kevin is expected to arrive only on the first day of the tournament, as well.
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          Nice addition to the tournament as GM Eric Hansen is also registered now. This promises to be a very interesting event as 194 players are now registered (maximum is 300) from almost 40 different countries, About 70 titled players, around 15 of them being grandmasters.