PRO Chess League - round 3

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  • PRO Chess League - round 3

    Montreal ChessBrahs beat the St. Louis ArchBishops 9-7 in tonight's matches. The four players on each team play each other once - 15m+2s time control. Each team is allowed a certain number of players residing outside the area they represent. The average team rating must be below 2500 (St. Louis had to put an 1800 player on board 4). A match win gives a team 10 points in the standings (8.5 points required for a match win). A drawn match gives each team 5 points in the standings. Every game point gives a team 1 point in the standings.

    GM Ivan Saric: 3/4
    GM Eric Hansen: 1.5/4
    IM Shyam Thavandiran: 2.5/4
    FM Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux: 2/4

    St. Louis:
    GM Fabiano Caruana: 3/4
    GM Wesley So: 3.5/4
    GM Cemil Can Ali Marandi: 0.5/4
    Josh Bloomer: 0/4

    Current standings (click on a team name to see their players):
    Live commentary:

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    Congratulations to the Montreal Chessbrahs!