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  • Theodore Morris?

    Does the name Theodore (Ted) Morris mean anything to anyone? His death notice (aged 96) appeared in the Montreal "Gazette" on Saturday, and to quote from the obit:

    "In 1946 he was U of T's chess champion and could still checkmate his grandchildren in the final year of his life."

    "Ted's love of chess, Go, travel, astronomy, botany, and mathematics has been passed on in many ways to his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. These are gifts for which we will always be grateful."

    No games in my database, and I haven't looked him up on old ratings lists. I don't recognize the name from any Montreal events over the years. Unfortunately - the married names of his daughters aren't given, so we can't see if any of their (grand) children took up the game seriously.


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    Checking my collection of Malcolm Sim's Telegram chess column for Apr 27, 1946:

    University of Toronto players have changed the name of their club to the Hart House C.C. with a corresponding change in its organization. T. F. Morris won the club championship tournament recently, scoring 5-0, followed by F. G. Torrie and J. Paterson-Smyth, 3-2 each; R. Orlando, 2-3; R. F. Rodgers, 1.5-3.5; M. Dickson .5-4.5. A trophy will be presented to Morris in the fall.