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  • 2019 Ontario Chess Challenge

    Leslie Armstrong served as Ontario Provincial Coordinator for 19 years. She built the event for the Chess'n Math Association into a premier event! SHE WAS AWESOME! We have been working on finding a long term replacement now that she has stepped down from this position (her heart is still in it as she captained the Ontario team to victory again last year ) Peter Bernotas takes over this year. He signed on at the beginning of January so he has lots to do in little time. The Onatrio Provincial Championship will be held April 14, 2019. You must qualify to participate. Over 6,000 youngsters will take part in qualifying events in the province...but less than 500 will earn the right to take part in the Provincial Championship.

    If you have any questions, you can contact him at: ontariochesschallenge at chess-math dot org.

    The National Finals will be held in Vancouver B.C. at the the University of British Columbia over the long May weekend.

    The Canadian Chess Challenge is run by school grade from grade 1 to grade 12. Each province sends 1 player in each grade.

    For more details go to our website: www.chess-math.org

    Larruy Bevand

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    I was always wondering why is it more difficult for juniors to qualify for Ontario Chess Challenge (winner of the section typically) than for CYCC (only 2.5 points required)?


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      Hi Alex,

      The Ontario Chess Challenge is organised by the Chess'n Math Association (CMA) and the CYCC is organized by the Chess Federation of Canada....so it is not surprising that we view the world differently :).

      For the Ontario Chess Challenge, we have 26 regionals in Ontario thanks to the hard work of Leslie Armstrong,.approximately 8,000 youngsters take part at that level every year. Our objective is to have between 400 and 500 players at the Provincial. from all over the province.

      We try to keep costs as low as possible. Our site for the Provincial 1-day event on April 14, 2019 is $15,000! Winners in each school grade get transportation and lodging for the 12 Ontario Champions paid for by the CMA. ...and that money comes in large part from registration fees. This year we are sending the champions to Vancouver so I am expecting that it will cost our organisation more than what we will take in.

      This may help answer your question: I: If a youngster qualifies for the Ontario Chess Challenge (OCC), the entry fee is $65, If a youngster qualifies for the CYCC the entry fee is $250. However if you win the OCC, you get your trip paid to the Nationals (this year that will be a significant amount). If you win the CYCC, you get $1,000 (that may be more today ...I don't follow these things :) towards your expenses to go to the World event.

      Both are great events...if I had a promising young player...I would register them for both :)

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        Thank you Larry for clarifying it. You are doing great job organizing those tournaments.