Update: Titanium Spring Chess Classic Open 2019 - March 8-10, 2019

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  • Update: Titanium Spring Chess Classic Open 2019 - March 8-10, 2019

    Hi everyone,

    On behalf of the organizer (who does not have a chesstalk account), I would like to remind everyone the last day for early registration is March 7. Onsite payments are accepted; however, the fee goes up by $20. Tournament starts in less than a week.

    Full details of the tournament may be accessed here: https://www.titaniumfitness.fitness/new-index

    There is a 50% entry fee discount for FM, WFM, and NM. Free entry for GM/WGM/IM/WIM.

    Hope to see you all there!

    William Li

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    Hi William: I'm a bit confused.

    The flyer I have says $ 100 regardless of section and a deadline of today, Friday, Mar. 1. I got an exception from Brian to be able to register on Monday, Mar. 4 due to my personal circumstances that I would not know 'til then whether I had a conflict.

    Is the exception that I am getting to register on March 4 at the $ 100 rate, though the March 1 deadline will have passed? In other words, I normally would have had to pay $ 120 if I had registered on Mon., March 4? But since I have extenuating circumstances and contacted them BEFORE the end of today about all this, I was granted an exception?

    Bob A


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      Deadline is March 7, as written. It has been officially extended from March 1 a couple of days ago. Hope to see you there.

      William Li


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        Hi William: Thanks.....confusion cleared up ............ looking forward to seeing you, Brian and Corinna.........

        At the moment, it seems I will be registering on Monday.......but my life is a bit chaotic, so I have to wait 'til then.........

        And now it doesn't matter anyway with the deadline extension.... I can wait 'til March 7 if there is still some uncertainty.

        But I do know it is a help to the organizer to know as early as possible who is going to come. So, I will avoid the $ 20 "on-site charge" by registering as early as I can (Before or on Thursday March 7). I note that Rd. 1 does start on Friday, Mar. 8 @7:00 PM, so the organizers do have a good part of the Friday to deal with the flood of Mar. 7 registrations in a pretty timely manner (When it comes to registering for chess tournaments, I fear we all are great procrastinators).

        Bob A
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          Hi William:

          Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I will not be playing in the Titanium Classic.....although I have 'til March 7 to register (Without on-site premium), this decision will not change.

          Good luck to all of you with this "IronPerson" tournament! Hope you get a good turnout........I like to see organizers starting to think outside the box re official tournaments.....

          Bob A