struggling -- anyone know what is up?

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  • struggling -- anyone know what is up?

    The website seems inaccessible the past few days. Just wondering if anyone knows what is happening with it?

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    I used to access that site a lot to collect Canadian games for my Canbase database. After seeing zero Canadian games for a few months, I simply stopped going there, so I haven't looked at it for quite a while.


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      Today I e-mailed Eydun Lamhauge, the owner of Chess5, at the 3 e-mails I have for him......been a long time.........don't know if any are still current......I guess we'll see.

      Here is my e-mail:

      Hi Eydun:

      It's been a long time since we communicated, and I did some writing for your website. I hope you have been well.

      As you know, once I discovered your website, I promoted it among Canadian chess players, and they were quite responsive to the idea of a cyberspace database for their games, as well as seeing the games of others.

      In the last while, it seems chess5 has not been accessible according to some of my Canadian chess friends who still visit the site.

      Can you advise if this is a temporary glitch? Or, after all these years, are you abandoning it?

      Hope you are able to respond, and I will post your response on our national chess discussion board so all are current.

      Bob A


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        It's working for me now.


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          Hi Hugh - maybe Eydun read my e-mail, and fixed what was wrong........that will be a good thing.....his website is useful for many things.

          Bob A