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    Pascal Charbonneau (Yes I misspelled the title of this post :) was a young player who started with the Chess'n Math Association (CMA) decades ago. His Dad, Yves Charbonneau was a big supporter of our organization and he was the President of our not-for-profit organization for close to 2 decades. The CMA organized a Canadian tour for Pascal in 2006 where he gave simuls around the country.

    Pascal and I still keep in touch. He and his mom and his sister came to the CMA 25th anniversary in 2010 which was attended by over 100 people including Jim Spragget and his family :) . I had the pleasure of having dinner with Pascal in the Big Apple a couple of weeks ago. It was great catching up! He now has 2 youngsters, a great lady in his life ...a good family man :).

    Chess has been a positive influence for many of our youngsters and today many of them are making a positive contribution in the world!

    Yesterday I was with Lefong Hua, and he shared the following link with me:This week’s guest on Perpetual Chess is two- time Canadian Chess Champion turned hedge fund analyst, GM Pascal Charbonneau. In our conversation, Pascal tells us how chess helped him break into the finance industry, and he gives advice for anyone contemplating such a transition. He also looked back fondly to a time when he was more active in chess, and talked about what he misses most.

    Pascal has so many chess stories and accomplishments to share. He has beaten Vishy Anand in a classical game and has spent time with legends like GMs Karpov and Aronian. He also talked about how he finds time to play in The Pro Chess League as a working dad. Thanks to Pascal for a great talk, you can email him here. If you enjoy this podcast, you can support it here. To take the Perpetual listener survey, go here.

    Here is the podcast:

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    I remember when Chess'n Math organized the 2006 Charbonneau simult in the middle of the Eaton Centre. An arial photo of the blue table-clothed tables surrounded by a crowd made the first page of the free Metro subway newspaper. A great event with a fine gentleman.