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    Originally posted by Erik Malmsten View Post

    Is there a playoff for one FM title, or do all the players with 6 points get one?

    I wondered how many players have obtained fide titles from the Canadian Closed. In the modern era of Swiss events, there have been 44 players (19%) who have scored 6 and most already were titled. Trying to figure it out from David Cohen's research at www.canadianchess.info

    IM Titles from Canadian Closed
    (3 players got the IM title for 6 pts in 1999:
    David Ross 1999
    Michael Schleifer 1999
    Thanh Nha Duong 1999

    Arthur Calugar 2011
    Eric Lawson 2004
    Vicente Lee Jr. 2006 (6.5 points)
    Nikolay Noritsyn 2007
    Jonathan Tayar 2009
    Richard Wang 2012

    FM titles from Canadian Closed
    Louise Jiang 2009
    Nikita Gusev 2012
    Eric Lawson 2002
    Christian Stevens 2004

    (In 1999 it looks like top players with 4.5 points got FM titles
    Nigel Fullbrook 1999
    Hans Jung 1999
    Marat Khassanov 1999
    Stephen Glinert 1999
    Ioan Crisan 1999

    Others with 6/9 who haven't won the FM title (Lost playoff or non-zonal year? Minimum rating requirement?):
    Robert J. Gardner 2002
    Dale Haessel 2006
    David Herder 2002
    Robert Patterson 2002
    Jeff Reeve 2002
    Sergei Sokourinski 2002

    I won the FM title in 2009 as well as "Louise" :)


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      Hi Aman, Did you finish second or did Nikolay or are you sharing?


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        Aman is second. I looked at the tiebreaks for the first time after losing to Bareev in round 7 - the first tiebreak is head to head encounters. I think for future events, it would make sense to change that...in my opinion, head to head makes more sense in round robins, but in a swiss event other tiebreakers usually work better. Unfortunately, the schedule with two games on the last day does not allow time for playoff games.


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          Thanks Nikolay