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  • I'm quitting chess

    This may come as a surprise to many, but I am done with chess. It is has been 17 games straight were I haven't won at a weekend tournament. Today at the Guelph Pro Am i was completely winning in round 1, yet unable to convert the win because my brain seemed to not work. Round 3 I was completely winning and then lost on TIME. So frustrating. Im at the point were no matter what I do, the results are not coming. I don't think I can be better at chess than I currently am. I reached my goal of breaking 2000 and since then, It has been way to hard to get better. It is probably for the best, as University is what I need to focus on. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me along my chess career, I have met a lot of amazing people and am extremely thankful for that. I may return to chess at some point, but for now I need move on.

    Andrew Colvin

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    This may be another case of adult expertitis. It takes a long time to get from 1600/1700 to over 2000 and the adjustment to playing masters over 1800 players is tough to make. The consistency of 2200 adults is amazing and 200 point gap is not the same as at lower levels.

    It may be a while before we see an expert section outside GTA but only a few years ago did 400-point sections become 300-point so it will happen eventually.


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      Sounds to me like you're quitting about one tournament too early. You're on the verge of breaking through the 2000 barrier if you are getting good positions against "low" masters.

      Just sayn...


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        I was already an IM when I went 21 or 22 games in row without a win (something like +0 -4 =17). "Highlights" included one simple endgame I messed up two clear pawns up, a game where I was in the process of making my 40th move, up a clear piece, and my flag fell, and at least two examples of completely winning middlegames where I did something really, really stupid and didn't win. I was annoyed at first, but by about the 15th winless game in a row I was more interested in seeing what sort of good fortune would break the streak. Sadly, I don't recall how that happened but at least it did happen. ;-)
        "Knowledge illuminates visible possibilities" - http://wisdomofchopra.com/


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          Too Bad you are a good player. Maybe after University you'll be able to focus better.