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  • WYCC in Mumbai, India

    The World Youth Chess Championship will begin in a couple of days. The Canadian team is listed below, with starting rank and FIDE (?) rating.

    Games are scheduled to be Wednesday October 2nd at 3.00 local time, and then 10.00 and 5.00 each day. October 8th is a free day. Mumbai is 9˝ hours ahead of Toronto.


    u14 open
    25 Huang Patrick 2120 Victoria BC
    85 Srinivas Atharva 1569 Missauga ON

    u16 open
    10 Talukdar Rohan 2369 Windsor ON
    52 Bu Kevin (Yihuan) 1918 Oakville ON
    77 Bilodeau-Savaria Carl-William 1434 Montreal QC

    u18 open
    69 Raninga Aditya Himanshu 1812 Calgary, AB

    u14 girls
    35 Tsukerman Julia 1643 Montreal QC
    70 D`Souza Carina 1330 Toronto ON
    71 Bilodeau-Savaria Sandy-Rose 1305 Montreal QC

    u16 girls
    24 Demchenko Svitlana 1953 Ottawa ON

    u18 girls
    51 Cao Yingying (Lucy) 1689 Edmonton AB
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