2020 North American Junior request for bids

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  • 2020 North American Junior request for bids

    It is Canada's turn to host this tournament which provides the opportunity to provide direct titles to winning participants. The CFC asks interested organizers to provide bids to the CFC executive to take on this tournament by December 1st so that the winning bid can be submitted at the FIDE congress in late December.

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    Hi Vlad,

    There are so many events these days that it is hard to keep track.

    I believe, last year the event was held in the U.S.A. and attracted 77 players.

    See the link:


    Is there a place I can see what is required on the part of the organizer?

    I did have an interest in the Canadian Senior event for 2020...but first want to see how the dynamic Roger Langen does with his tournament this summer in Nova Scotia :). If anyone can make a success of this event, I think tis he!



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      I agree with Larry, so many events these days to keep track of, particularly Junior events. The biggest challenge with this will be the timing of the event as I know our junior players are drawn in different directions with so many events and so many conflicts. If the timing is right, we will certainly attract more players than the 77 in the US last year. If you can, please share the requirements for organizers to host. If timing work, I will be happy to collaborate with Larry or other organizers to host this event.


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        I imagine that there is a requirement for official players and a fee for a head of appeals committee as there usually is for these events. I also think there is probably a per player fee to FIDE America as there usually are for such events. Hal Bond has more of the details.