Today's Ontario Court ruling may help post-secondary chess

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  • Today's Ontario Court ruling may help post-secondary chess

    In the 'Toronto Star' online today, there is an important article concerning the overturning of a Doug Ford Ontario PC government law, which made many provincial post-secondary student interest fees optional. The Court ruling, on a case launched by the Canadian Federation of Students and the York University student union, concluded the provincial government had overstepped its authority in this matter.
    The so-called 'Student Choice Initiative', brought in by Premier Ford, created significant student employment loss on campuses across the province, since the funding for many of those positions was cut. This caused problems for thousands of students who relied on those jobs, with income, to help fund their educations.
    Turning to chess, specifically, funding for post-secondary chess in Canada has never been easy to obtain in the years I was involved with it, and it would have been even tougher had this law remained in place. Hopefully the post-secondary team championship, for which funding may have been in jeopardy, can be organized for this year. I haven't seen anything announced as of yet, and the event is usually held in mid-January. It has been held annually since 2003, but before that was something of a hit-and-miss proposition, with activity each year depending on particular people who made it happen, or not.
    Best wishes to this year's organizers!!!

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    The CUCC will be held January 18-19, 2020 at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo.(reported on the McGill CC Facebook page).