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  • Pawns are for chess

    Perhaps the biggest advertising budget for chess in Canadian history, over $100,000 spent on full-page newspaper ads in the Star, Post and Globe on Saturday Feb. 1 stating that "Pawns are for Chess" and "Children are not pawns." It shows five white pawns in a semi-circle, perhaps facing a King's Indian.

    The ad was from the "Vaughan Working Families." It turns out that the women in the photo is a model in Poland (no FIDE rating given). Perhaps the chess pawns are, too, as I don't think there is a local Vaughan Chess Club. Did the Vaughan Working Families lawyer or real estate developer see an after school chess teacher in action and got the idea for the ad? Yes, "the Teachers' Unions should stop using our children as pawns for personal gain." That should be done only by the chess teachers, as they know how to advance pawns for positional gains. Will the Education Minister Stephen Lecce see his friends' ad as an invitation to have more chess in schools, I hope so.

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    I love the concept of that advertising and the analogy. Thanks for pointing it out Erik.


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      Hi Erik,

      As Founder and Organizer of the Vaughan Chess Club, I can confirm that these pawns are not ours, and that the city of Vaughan does, in fact, have a local chess club.


      Cameron Herbert


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        Not quite sure this is an ad in the strictest sense ... nothing being sold, no CTA, etc..

        I see it as a simply a statement done in print.

        Very effective, very strong.

        Thanks Erik, we'll ad (ahem) that piece to our Political section of our new website. Political section references chess being used, perhaps overly used, as a metaphor in our world's political struggles. Struggles which have very real and severe consequences.

        Here's one I'd like to share ...perhaps y'all are aware of this one:

        ...Hong Kong uprising.