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  • Marshall Club GM norm

    In the Marshall GM norm tournament Christopher Woojin Yoo has taken the lead beating his second GM (out of 3) and coleader going into the round GM Paragua 12.Nc6 and 30 g5! are creative tactical solutions to the positions.

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    In the Marshall IM norm tournament chess Iron Man Jay Bonin is competing. Jay has played way more than 5000 tournaments in his career.


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      Nice game by Christopher. He reminds me of Kasparov, in that he plays sharp openings, where he knows lots of good novelties. In addition to being an Iron Man, Jay Bonin also wrote a very nice book of his games collection called 'Active Pieces'. A worthwhile read for those interested.


      • #4 White learned a valuable but painful lesson. If you are going to take material on the kingside and open your castled position to the rooks you had better be sure of your calculations. Rxh2 is shocking but clear.