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  • CMA / collaboration?

    I seem to recall there was going to be some CMA / collaboration with tournaments? Did it happen?

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    Hi Tony,

    We think is doing a great job. I ran this project past my executive on 2 occasions. Both times it was rejected.

    One of our collaborators, Sylvain de La Grave, has moved forward on his own. The last time I spoke with him he had over 1,600 youngsters registered!

    Like it or not we are in a new world and the internet is the place to be.

    CMA has to find its way and we are still struggling to adapt.

    GM Pascal Charbonneau has recently taken on a position with He was part of our program and his Dad was the Prez of CMA for about 15 years...great people that I admire...we have not made any decisions at this point. Lefong Hua is also working for them.

    You can e-mail me and I will link you with Sylvain.

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