The Strongest Computer Chess Engines Over Time VideoGraphic

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  • The Strongest Computer Chess Engines Over Time VideoGraphic

    The Strongest Computer Chess Engines Over Time VideoGraphic

    May 20, 2020

    Computer Chess Engines have gotten stronger each year with current engines like Alphazero, Stockfish, Komodo, and Leela Chess Zero reaching new levels of perfection monthly! Check out how computer engines have developed in the last 30+ years, from weak machines, easily dominated by humans, to monsters!

    Watch the videographic at:


    * The primary data source is the SSDF ( list as collected from online sources and publications in the International Computer Chess Association Journals (later named International Computer Games Association).

    * Deep Blue Elo Performance: estimated by perf. against Kasparov

    * AlphaZero Elo Performance: estimated by perf. against Stockfish

    * Leela Chess Zero Elo Performance:


    Other videographics referred to in this forum are at:


    Comments on the strongest chess engines graphic:

    - absolutely incredible. never been done before.

    - We need to see a rematch between Alphazero and Stockfish.

    - The real top 4 using SF9 and some recent tournaments as an anchor to help people understand:
    1. Leela Chess Zero (SV-3010 +17 elo over SF-Dev in TCEC Season 17, 15.9 over SF-Dev in CCC 13 Semifinals and 21 elo over in CCC 13 Final).
    2. Stockfish (DEV) (110+ elo stronger than SF9).
    3. Komodo (DEV) (63.6 elo weaker than Leela and 47.7 elo weaker than SF-Dev in CCC 13 Semifinals).
    4. AlphaZero (50 elo stronger than SF9).

    - Should have started with the Turk.

    - I’m confused, didn’t leela just beat stockfish in a 100 game match??

    - Great idea! They have really gone a long way. As a child, I owned the Chess Champion Mk 1 (the first commercial chess computer, I think) which was just a joke. It was interesting to see them rise.

    - I always thought AlphaZero was the strongest, and Stockfish was second.. then Leela for third.. But it's not?

    - leela is the future of chess engines, stockfish won’t be able to keep up, can you imagine when we get an engine that is rated 4000, how good it will be

    - How the hell is stock fish, komodo and leela stronger than alpha zero??

    - It's hard to say what elo AlphaZero is because it doesn't play on the same playing field as the other engines. That's why it's not allowed in the chess computer world championship. But if you're just showing the elo each computer should have regardless of time and computer limitations AlphaZero should probably be number 1 by a long shot.

    - Alpha zero beat stockfish in 100s games how's that rating could be possible. I didn’t understand

    - Wait so Kasparov was beaten by a machine that had a rating of 2800?

    - AlphaZero is much much stronger than Stockfish. Alphazero completely destroyed Stockfish in their famous 1,000 game-match. So this ranking is simply not correct.