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    Originally posted by Pargat Perrer View Post

    I almost hate to mention this.... but....

    aren't you risking accusations of racism because it is a White King only? (gasp)

    Perhaps the unofficial cutout version (unofficial stencil version) would be politically correct for all? As seen here on the CFC's fresh new unofficial cloud storage landing page...

    If I was pres, (that's a mighty big IF) the CFC membership would have cloud storage for their games ... and a game interface to view them ... with commenting and branch analysis too.

    Unofficially official value for your membership dollars, ha!



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      FYI, I am currently battling with Google. At 1am this morning, Google blocked the new website (chrome and firefox users will see a big red page warning them not to proceed). The reason was that the new website had a link (just one link) to the old website, now called "" and the old website has malware (intermittently it will redirect to phishing websites).

      At 6am, when I read Google's email, I immediately removed all links to from the new website. I submitted a request to Google to review and unblock At 9:15am, I received their generic notice that the review had failed. They indicate that the problem is still a link to BUT..., I have completely removed all links and text "" from the new website. At 10:30 today, I submitted another request for a review demanding that they be more specific. We'll see what they say or do. I am not happy with Google right now.

      This is a very scary situation. It means Google could block us, not for something bad on our website (which is now virtually unhackable), but for something bad on another website that we just happen to link to. That's beyond our control! Imagine this happening to a website like, which as millions of links to external websites. If one of those millions of websites gets hacked, will Google block This is like being charged with a crime you didn't commit and having to immediately serve your punishment without even an initial hearing to respond to the charges! Google should not have this power on the internet.
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        That's brutal.

        Google is still referencing the url characters "" to the old malware.


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          At 2:30am today, Google unblocked The new website did not have any malware. It was only guilty by association. If Google finds malware on ANY website ending in "", it will block ALL websites ending in "". Google was able to find the old website at "" (the new name I had given it) and find malware on it so it blocked everything: "" (old site), "", "" (new site). They kept everything blocked even after I had removed all links to "". Most of the blocked time yesterday was waiting 16 hours for Google to do its 2nd review.

          This means the old website is unavailable to you for now. Until I have migrated everything to the new website, if you need something on the old website, ask via Contact the CFC.