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  • Chess in High Park

    Chess in High Park

    Due to a lack of facility to accommodate our backgammon games at a local pub, I have explored the possibility of hosting meetups at High Park when the weather allows it. Near the north entrance to the park on Bloor Street there are some two or three dozen tables in the shade of some large trees. There is also a nearby food and drinks kiosk. Also convenient is a very cleanly kept washroom in a house near the gate.
    In that same house is a separate entrance with a posted sign that reads
    High Park Chess Club
    meets daily from 2 PM

    In the three sessions that we have met for backgammon I have not seen a single chess game in progress.. Which is surprising since the conditions are ideal under the trees.
    Here's your chance to experience chess in a park under the trees. My group will be there from 2 PM Thursday and if you have any interest in backgammon you could come by and watch or play some. Also there are a number of chess players in my group. You could also send a note to the High Park Chess Club (try googling them) that you'll be there. But bring a chess set & clock.
    And leave a note on ChessTalk that you'll be there (and when).

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    DGT has put out a clock for backgammon. We should have it by next week:

    A new DGT timer has been introduced: the DGT1006 Backgammon Timer. It is a timer that brings extra excitement to any game played between two players. The special feature of this timer is the delay option! During the delay time your clock waits before starting to count down.

    With its handy top buttons and large display, the Backgammon Timer is very easy to program and intuitive to use. It features an one period countdown Timer and has the option to add a fixed amount of delay time before each move during which the clock will not count down to each player. The clock switches from one player to the other player when one of the two levers is pressed.

    Use the Backgammon Timer with a wide variety of games such as Backgammon, Chess, Draughts, Checkers, Poker, Scrabble™, Lost Cities, Party & Co, Dominoes, Boggle, Settlers, Carcassonne, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly or any other two-player game. Just switch it on, set the play-time as desired and start the clock.

    It operates on one AA battery (included) and comes with a 2 year warranty.


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      Don't most clocks these days have a "delay" feature already? It's used in many US tournaments rather than increments.

      My 10 year old Chronos clock has "delay" on it.


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        Using clocks in backgammon games is one of two features which I try to prevent. I want to encourage newcomers to the game - not chase them away. Most people once they pass the beginner stage play at an acceptable pace. Adding a timer to the game kills the pleasure of playing and sends the newcomer elsewhere for their amusement.
        Chess is different. Once someone absorbs the basics and is able to visualize one or two moves ahead, the player will want more and more time to see ahead in the game. So time limitations are readily accepted.
        The other feature in backgammon which I abhor is the readily accepted 'move tries' where a player is allowed to make a play then study the resulting position, then try some other play and at times several different plays before opting for one of the plays (usually the first try).
        This I find especially tiresome when as the opponent, I'm trying to see that the original position has not been lost, as happens at times. When someone tries this in my games, I politely inform the person that we don't play that way - so please find someone who does.
        The parallel to this in chess is the touch-move rule which has been around for centuries. And chess players learn to accept this at an early age.
        So if you want to play backgammon with me - no clock and no back-and-forth plays. Most people have no problem with this.


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          We're there again tomorrow (Wednesday) from 2 PM. Anyone else?