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  • Back to School?

    I saw an email today indicating the kids were back in school this week in York Region.
    Is this true? I thought the kids were scheduled to return next week.

    How is it across the Canada? Any virus spikes yet?
    Will this tell us when chess clubs can re-open!

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    Yes, kids started school today in York Region. Though I heard Durham started on Tuesday. However, it is not in full throttle - only half today, other half tomorrow. Monday/Tuesday again halves. Only on Wednesday all will be back. That for those who attends their schools. Other kids might stay home (online classes).

    Our club meets at school but the permit was not issued yet. Only in November (maybe earlier) the Board will evaluate the situation to let all "strangers" to use their facilities. Those in gyms seems will be allowed now.


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      I just Heard that in Mississauga a teacher in a public school has tested positive. Hey should the whole school system not have been tested by now so that the kids know before they can go into school and are going into a safe location. Also I feel that every kid should be tested before they return to school. If I was a parent I'd never send them back to school .


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        Originally posted by John Brown View Post
        If I was a parent I'd never send them back to school.
        Agreed, it is utterly irresponsible to do so.


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          Originally posted by Brad Thomson View Post

          Agreed, it is utterly irresponsible to do so.
          We're remote schooling, and so far, in Ottawa Catholic anyway, it's actually been rather impressive.


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            Originally posted by Brad Thomson View Post

            Agreed, it is utterly irresponsible to do so.
            My son started school again last week. Here's why I let him go back:

            Ontario has a population of ~14,000,000. There are approximately 200 cases per day right now. The Barrie region is seeing single digit cases per day. The virus does not magically appear between people just due to being in contact with each other. Someone actually has to have it to transmit it.

            Death rates hover in the maybe 5% range and it seems to be the case that this rate is substantially lower among young people. Testing is available on a walk in basis, and the hospitals here have the capacity required to treat people.

            We experienced remote schooling from March through June. It was not impressive to me.

            Schools limit the interaction to exactly the people in your class - it's not like high school as you remember it, with hundreds of kids roaming the hall. You get herded in to your specific room, and you stay there all day with the same people. Cleaning is substantial, masks are mandatory. Every student has to fill out a COVID self assessment form every day.

            There's risk in life. I drive places even though car accidents happen, because there's benefit in being able to travel. I send my kid to school even though there's risk of COVID, because there's benefit in him being in school.

            I'm not minimizing the danger of COVID; I don't think it's a conspiracy or something that's made up. When there's a safe vaccine, we'll be first in line. Until then, we have to try to get by. You want to stay in your bunker and avoid all human contact, more power to you.

            But thinking you know 100% the right course of action here is the utterly irresponsible thing to do. I know the current political climate is to take a position, and claim anyone who thinks otherwise is evil, but the real world is more nuanced than that.
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              Covid cases are all but non-existent in New Brunswick.


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                You are extremely fortunate to live in New Brunswick Ken and I hope it stays that way (safe).