A Canadian has an important position within FIDE

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  • A Canadian has an important position within FIDE

    I am sure this is old news but I have not seen it here:

    Vadim Tyspin of Montreal:

    Secretary of the Board / Assistant to the FIDE President
    Tsypin, Vadim https://fide.com/directory/fide-officials (Click on Fide Management Board)

    Vadim is also the Vice-President of the Chess'n Math Association (CMA) ,Canada's National Scholastic Chess Organization...we are now entering our 36th year serving the Canadian Chess Community!

    Our Annual meeting is scheduled for next month:


    Larry Bevand
    Executive Director
    Chess'n Math Association
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    Hearty congrats to Vadim.

    Just read about him in another context a few days back ; his daughter, who is also a chess player, had won a math contest : https://www.concordia.ca/cunews/arts...st-awards.html


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      Vadim's daughter Allison is constantly winning Math contests. She is extremely gifted in mathematics though I suspect there is also a lot of hard work being put in knowing her parents and their work ethic. She is also following in her father and mother's footsteps as a chess arbiter.