Polish chess notation: seeking guidance

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  • Polish chess notation: seeking guidance

    I have been working on deciphering a bunch of problematic game score sheets from various events, which have built up over time. Typically, these have errors of various types -- missing moves, moves in wrong sequence, pieces going to wrong squares, confusion, etc. Due to COVID-19, as I am not competing, preparing, organizing, or coaching right now, I have time for this now, so it is time to try to resolve these.

    One which I am having trouble with is in Polish notation. I have encountered this before, and was able to solve it. However, this time I only have one score sheet instead of both, and there are some moves which are simply impossible; they were erroneously recorded by the player.

    So, what I want to know is this: what are the equivalent Polish piece abbreviations, compared to English?

    Here is what I am going on: K = King; C = Knight, G = Bishop, W = Rook, H = Queen. If someone could confirm or correct me, that would be great!

    Frank Dixon
    NTD, Kingston

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    S for skoczek, knight. Also P for pion. (Wikipedia)


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      Thank you, Erik. This is helpful. Hope to post the game soon!