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  • US Seniors Championship Two rounds a day for seniors. Not my liking. But some legends playing. Larry Christiansen,
    Joel Benjamin. Kaidanov, Yermolator,Patrick Wolff! yes Patrick is now a senior back playing in championships!

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    Looks like three rounds a day but it's rapid chess (25+5).


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      Great to see Patrick back playing chess. I have fond memories of him playing in Toronto in the eighties and 90's. I first met him in Fitchburg MA, in 1982, when Arthur Bisquier described him as a Wolf in sheep's clothing. He crushed me on the black side of a Pirc. Later in Toronto, he also beat me on the black side of a Pirc. He always had a lot of great opening ideas.


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        Joel Benjamin won the US Seniors by one and a half points and beat Patrick Wolff.