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    Igor Ivanov

    November 18, 2020

    Some recent memories of Igor Ivanov (January 8, 1947 – November 17, 2005):

    Igor Ivanov Remembered


    Post 427

    Grandmaster Igor Ivanov


    Brief Reflections on Igor Ivanov


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    It is wonderful reading stories regarding GM Ivanov. One or two - Igor played in a tournament I organized just after his arrival to Canada (South-West Ontario Open) held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. It was a tough tournament, and Igor lost to John McPhail in an early round from an innovation (e5!) sprung by John in the Richter-Rauzer Sicilian. If memory serves IM Leonid Bass won (I would play him in the '87 US Masters event in Philadelphia). There were many memories from this event, from the all night game (no sudden death then) between Roger Patterson and Ilias Kourkanakis, to staying up until 4am analyzing a crazy Queen ending with Victor Dzera, to the post mortem between Hamilton's tactician Doug Bailey and Igor, where Doug was showing such imaginative lines that he contemplated that Igor's eyes were glazing over...notwithstanding Igor won with relative ease. We played many times OTB from the 1985 Canadian Open, to the 1987 Canadian Closed, and in between...while I have oft repeated this, my favorite humorous memory is when we were both playing at the 1987 Canadian Closed, where we played blitz every night after the round for many hours, when I went over to visit one morning and Igor was watching a French show to improve his French, and simultaneously looking at some endgame position...as I entered his room he asked "Hartman, what do you think is the best move for Black here?" I looked for all but 5 seconds and replied "h4" Igor smiled and replied "Hartman, this is not the Canadian Championship, it is the Russian Championship" - it always makes me smile. Obviously GM Spraggett is the most celebrated Canadian player for good reason...however, aside from his own talent and work ethic, from my perspective, he only reached those heights via several Canadian players, but in particular due to Igor's influence.



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      Thanks so much to IM Hartman for sharing his memories of GM Igor Ivanov!