Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays 2020

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  • Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays 2020

    As the end of every year approaches, people will say things like "wow, wasn't this an incredible year"; usually with a grin, maybe a corny tone of voice. But yeah, 2020 has been truly incredible!

    Deepest thanks go out to those who are serving our communities, especially in health care, and in all the logistical operations that keep us safe, ensure food security; somehow keeping us all going!

    From my family, to you and your family and friends, sending you best wishes for this Christmas and Holiday season. I personally really look forward to us crossing paths in life again, and IN PERSON!!

    Thank you, best regards, Aris Marghetis.

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    Thank you, Aris, and may Chess be played, OVER THE BOARD, soon again! Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021...


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      Thanks Aris;
      Merry Christmas to one and All.
      Just finished my traditional Poached eggs on toast Christmas breakfast.


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        Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

        I hope the year ahead is one of hope, strength & resilience!


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          Thanks Aris,

          Wishing you and everyone else on this board a Merry Christmas and the best of health and happiness in the New Year! Looking forward to seeing everyone in person either again or for the first time! I sure won't be taking that for granted.


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            Merry Christmas everyone. This Christmas is certainly been different, we had a family Christmas Zoom get together this morning.
            Getting together in person, much much better!

            I think 2021 will see the chess world return to normal. Exactly when? I am guessing by May 2021 we will see OTB returning in force.
            I will predict 2021 OTB chess will be double that of 2020.
            And 2022 OTB chess will be double that of 2021.

            Looking forward to shaking hands again over the chess board.


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              Merry Christmas ... here's wishing you all a healthy and happy festive season :)

              Over the last little while I built my very own KOGETSUDAI in the upper north-west quadrant of my estate ... where the moon shines on it just right :)


              The original KOGETSUDAI is located in Japan on an estate developed by Ashikaga Yoshimasa ... 8th Shogun of Japan ... he bequeathed the estate now known as Jishō-ji (Temple of Shining Mercy) to some Zen monks who have rebuilt their much beloved KOGETSUDAI every now and then!


              Mine needs a little something ... LOOL!

              Stay safe!