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  • amazing pawn endgame studies A mazing pawn endgame studies, have a look. Also I learned something: king and pawn endgame studies are called kindergarten (as in king and his children) I love the expression.

  • #2 Here's the second part of the amazing pawn endgame studies.


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      Just FYI - after seeing that series on chessbase (and I agree that it is really amazing read),
      I decided to buy the book "Mikhail Zinar's Difficult Pawn Endings by Sergei Tkachenko"

      The book is inexpensive but well produced on good paper etc. BUT it is very small format - just a little wider
      than my Galaxy phone (!) At first I was kind of surprised, but it fits nicely in almost any pocket and it is
      very easy to pop it open at random and see the puzzle on the right hand page and work at it until turning over
      the page for the 'solution' and/or analysis etc. Many of the endings are indeed surprising and difficult (so far).
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        Wow! What an amazing find!