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    The 3rd leg of the Grandmaster Corner series is resuming this Saturday with a presentation from GM Alexsandr Lenderman. This very affordable series features 2 hour lectures from GMs followed by a Q&A session for the participants to ask the GM about chess issues. Each session is easy to follow and adapted for players of all strengths - beginners to IMs have already found these lectures to be informative and entertaining.


    see info here:

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    Just to clarify, the Grandmaster Corner presentations are at 11am Calgary time and that is 13:00 (1pm) Toronto time for those who live in the centre of the Universe (a.k.a. Trawna)

    Ontario just declared a new state of emergency shutdown starting tonight at one minute past midnight...

    you are under a stay-at-home order now so why not sign up and learn from the GMs?

    Seriously, these lectures are more like casual conversations with the GM leading the conversation around game snippets or positions that they have selected.
    Their insight is remarkable and every single time I have learned (or at least seen!) how to evaluate a chess position in ways that I had never really appreciated.

    Players from around 1500 (or even those below that if they are keen) to IM level can benefit from this sort of insight. On several previous sessions there were
    IMs in attendance who commented that they found several key points that they could work on and expand their knowledge. Even lower rated players are accommodated - the GMs explain concepts clearly and participants are able to review the recorded session(s) they have attended later to go over anything they may have missed ...

    This is a great opportunity being offered by the Calgary Chess Club to *anyone* at a very reasonable price point. Check out one at least to see what I mean.
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      I wish I knew whether they covered topics for people my age. Topics like:
      - How do you find the washroom?
      - Hey! Who took my pen?
      - How do you find the washroom?
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        lol Peter.

        Yes, those topics are critical. Here is something that may help (a quote from a recent lecture at Grandmaster Corner by GM Surya Ganguly)

        "thinking is good... thoughts are not so good" (paraphrased)

        His point was that having random thoughts during the game (what I would call "illusions" haha) are not good
        but precise and directed thinking and analysis of concrete moves is very good.

        This is the sort of thing you learn listening to the GMs ... :)

        The washroom can be scouted out in advance [and using the pen while you still have it, a note can be made of the washroom location]
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