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  • First Saturday 2021

    Nothing stops First Saturday

    NADASSY system Scheveningen tournaments in Budapest to raise your ELO

    5 players row with around 2000-2100 ELO average plays against
    5 players row with around 1800-1900 average.
    2 x 5 = 10 games.

    Good possibility for the lower ELO row to raise their FIDE ELO rating, if they play well.


    2021 year

    6-16 Febr, 6-16 March, 3.13 April, 1-11 May, 5.15 June, 3-13 July, 7-17 Aug,
    4.14 Sept, etc. (together with the First Saturday GM-IM closed tournaments).

    Entry fee 220 EURO.

    IO Nagy Laszlo

    Please note this is the tourist price. I hope I do not sound like a broken record as I am only living in Budapest to play chess and I have not played FS for 9 years since a teammate alerted me of the real price. Hungarian Federation shows another very similar sounding tournament series but with GM Czebe,A. Note Hungarian tournament advertising advertising gives no fee information so they actually pay anything from zero-whatever. I play practically any tournament I can find in the city(if I can find it) but this kind of tournament does not suit me. I was just asked via a friend to play the Czebe tournament but could not get info other than they need a foreign player. I got no answer to why they 'need' a foreign player. Anyway I pass the word along. If you want pay they will certainly take your money.