RIP Klaus Pohl (1937-2021)

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  • RIP Klaus Pohl (1937-2021)

    (I wouldn't have known about his death until I saw a "Chess Life" announcement for a "Klaus Pohl Memorial" to be held in North Carolina)

    Klaus Pohl was born in 1937, in pre-war Dresden, Germany - surviving the bombings, and escaping from the East in the post-war Communist era. He ended up in Montreal in the mid-60's - winning major events from 1967 through 1970. He played in the 1969 Canadian Closed - finishing with a disappointing 3.5/17.

    His business involved frequent trips (and re-settlements) between .Montreal and South Carolina, and from the early 70's until the early 90's he was down South.He returned to Montreal where he stayed for another few years - keeping close to a master rating. Back to South Carolina where he spent the remainder of his years, where he won the state championship nine times. He was a regular in US tournaments in the SE US until (at least) 2019 (aged 82), although there are photos of him playing chess with a mask on. [edit] He played in his last event in December 2020 - one month before his passing.

    Here's a brief obit, but read the comments:
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    Never met him but he sure sounds like an interesting character and he loved chess. One thing I got from reading the comments was that he was loved and respected in South Carolina. Here is one of his fine wins against Jay Bonin. What a finish!