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  • Peter McSherry R.I.P.

    I was recently informed by Bob Bowerman that Peter McSherry died some time in July. Peter was someone who I enjoyed many speed chess games with over 45 years. He was a noted writer and very interesting guy. I will miss him.

    Unfortunately covid kept us apart and I do not have any further details as I have not been able to find an obituary. If you have any further information please share

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    Very sorry to hear this. I will always have good memories of Pete. Loved his books. They were about life on the streets of Toronto from his viewpoint as taxi driver or interesting characters from Canada's rich history. I had many encounters, conversations and speed chess games with Peter, mostly at Vlad Dobrich's club on Bayview. Peter had a sharp mind and I enjoyed his take on writing and research of books. Rest in peace Peter.


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      I too learned the other day that my old friend Peter McSherry had apparently passed away in July. There are few details and I too have not found any obituary information.
      Peter and I and several other chess friends from high school days (and just after that time frame) got together several times a year to play some speed chess, enjoy a few cold brews and just enjoy talking about the old days and current events. I've know Peter since the late 1960s and on several occasions I helped him with some "computer" issues that plagued him.
      I bought copies of each of his books (as Hans mentioned) - Peter would often refer to himself as "Famous author and Taxi driver"...

      Peter could be deceptively strong as a chess player - I am sure he had essentially memorized many of Capablanca's games and often would offer Capablanca-like advice to any who would listen - usually his current opponent. I believe Peter had a Masters Degree in History (from Waterloo?) and he often wondered out loud whether that was now a requirement for driving a taxi... lol

      I spoke with him when the Covid lockdowns started back last year and we decided to defer getting together for speed chess and beer until it "blew over" - little did I know that would be the last time I spoke to him...

      Rest in peace old friend... we will raise a pint or two in your honour at the first opportunity!

      I'd appreciate anyone with more info to add to this thread.
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        Sad news - Peter and I always chatted at tournaments and clubs (And he beat me a number of times) - about anything and everything. Nice Guy.....



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          Peter and I regularly played chess throughout Covid-19. We often did so at Sherway Gardens Food Court or sometimes in front of his apartment building, The last time we played was a couple of months ago. At that time, his health was definitely on the decline and he expressed some concern about it.

          From what I could see, Peter's favourite pastimes were writing about crime in Canada, telling stories about his days driving a cab in Toronto, and playing chess.

          We will all miss Peter at Annex Chess Club.



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            Peter's obituary was published today in the online edition of the Toronto Star's obits