GM / IM Norm Invitational - Labor Day

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  • GM / IM Norm Invitational - Labor Day

    Charlotte Chess Center & Scholastic Academy (CCCSA)

    The 2021 CCCSA Labor Day GM/IM Norm Invitational is taking place September 2-7. 2 GM groups and 2 IM groups where participants will be looking to score their norms or even get their IM/GM titles! Each group will feature 10 players.

    ​The CCCSA has organized 22 GM/IM Norm Invitational tournaments thus far and has produced 59 norms and 29 titles!

    Canadian GM THOMAS ROUSSEL-ROOZMON currently leads his his Group B :)

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    and by playing interesting chess:


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      One GM norm achieved in his group (Group B) by IM NIKOLAS THEODOROU...


      Such a bullshit phony game.

      Seriously ... this is what rated and titled chess is ALL about folks.

      Such an insult to the game of Chess!


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        Where's the rest of the game?? 6 moves - that means incomplete scoresheet - no??


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          And oh look, here's another bullshit phony game. GM norm in Group A...

          ...12 moves LOOL!


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            Probably the only thing worse is if the spectators had to buy tickets to watch


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              I have to say tho that the rest of the 'earned' norms which required a last round win weren't gimmes.

              Very interesting event!


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                i dont disagree that quick draws r stupid, but in all honesty theodorou has been clearly gm strength for a good while. not the most undeserving recipient like some other names out there that i dont need to call out