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  • pawn tactics The tactical sequence starts at Black's 28th b3 which is a pawn lever introducing weakness in the white position. (if 29.a3 then Bxa3 and the bishop cannot be captured because Nc3+ and Nxe2 and if king captures the knight on e2 then finally Rxc1)
    Game continuation was 29.axb3 a3! (and again 30.bxa3 loses to the same sequence as above) The passed pawn is unstoppable. (passed pawn tactics) Lovely finish by GM Razvan Preotu!

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    Yes indeed, the margin between victory and defeat is so slim, white's retreating the bishop to 28 b- c1 that guarded the c3 square that became the center of attention with the ensuing tactics surrounding the c3 square. Simply 28 ne1 gives white a small advantage instead of ignominious defeat. A very aesthetically pleasing finish nonetheless!