2021 Banff Open Results and ackknowledgements

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  • 2021 Banff Open Results and ackknowledgements

    In case you have not heard yet, 22 year-old Mark Plotkin took clear 1st at the 2021 Banff Open. The crosstables can be found here


    For all the games, pictures and more, please visit the FB page Banff Chess Open 2021.

    I would like to thank all the great sponsors who contributed to this years success. Firstly Michael Code and his team at the Banff Centre for giving us the extra space for social distancing at no extra cost as well as providing first class service. Secondly, FIDE who provided an aid package of 1000 Euros and Vadim Tsypin for his assistance in our application . Our anonymous Armageddon donor who also was instrumental in recruiting our first grandmaster this year, in addition to his Armageddon prize.. SoCA, who was again was innovative and donated delightful Banff Open pins. Dustin Koperski for bringing equipment from Edmonton. Our tournament directors who made the tournament run so smoothly. Vlad Rekhson the Chief TD and Sean Wu our Assistant TD. Thank you to the CCC, ECC and CYCC for lending us equipment. Thank you to Bhavik Dave for once again providing great photos of the tournament. Thank you to retired td's Mark and Christine Dutton for teaching me how to grow the tournament and even now for their social media postings. Special thanks to Hugh Brodie and his team for inputting pictures of the scoresheets into PGN's. Thank you to Senator Karen Sorenson, who endorsed our tournament in our FIDE application when she was Mayor of Banff. Thank you to Vlad Drkulec, who also endorsed our tournament in our FIDE application. The greatest thanks has to go to my wife, Janice Price, who despite her extremely busy work schedule, shopped for food, prepared gourmet meals and entertained our many guests during the week. Without Janice, the Banff Open would have never launched. I am so blessed to have her as my wife.

    Organizing next year's tournament has already started. We have the same great playing space and hopefully can increase our limit to at least 120 players. My application for a second year of FIDE aid will begin soon. Articles on Chessbase News, Chess Life and FIDE website are just around the corner. Thank you to the writers of the articles Agnieszka Matras-Clement and Joel Benjamin. Thank you to Mark Plotkin and Joel Benjamin for annotating games. Thank you to IM Mark Ginsburg, Victor Plotkin and IM David Cummings for participating and making this our strongest tournament yet. Thank you to the Bob Gillanders at the CFC in expediting requests for memberships and rating the tournament so quickly. I apologize if I left anyone out!

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    Congratulations to Mark Plotkin for a great tournament win! - and thanks Ian - its a tournament and trip that I will remember for a long time.


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      Originally posted by Hans Jung View Post
      Congratulations to Mark Plotkin for a great tournament win! - and thanks Ian - its a tournament and trip that I will remember for a long time.
      Thanks Hans. I was so glad you could make it out. Sadly Alberta's social gathering restrictions meant I could not invite you over to the house. Thank you for all your kind words and stories.


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        Nice article https://www.fide.com/news/1440


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          Originally posted by Victor Plotkin View Post
          Thanks Victor. As per the FIDE Aide package agreement, I had to put it together 2 days after the tournament.


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            I have submitted the games to Mark Crowther - the "editor" of "The Week In Chess". He produces a weekly summary (usually available by Tuesday morning) of the previous week's major events, with reports and games. He is now up to Week 1411 (you can calculate how many years that is)..



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              A nice article on Chessbase News. Thank you Paul and Agnieszka.