2022 Maplewood Invitational

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  • 2022 Maplewood Invitational

    Annex Chess Club (ACC) is proud to collaborate with OXO Innovations on a GM norm event taking place the week of November 14th, 2022: the Maplewood Invitational.

    GM norm events are always difficult to organize due to challenging FIDE requirements and high operating costs. ACC provides administrative, technical and logistical support, and is responsible for gathering the right mix of players to reach an ambitious targeted average rating of 2450 FIDE. ACC also contributes financially, up to $1,000.

    Fédération québécoise des échecs (FQE), Quebec’s chess federation, has indicated it will support the event.


    10-player round-robin tournament using classical time controls


    Manoir Maplewood in Waterloo Quebec, 90 km east of Montreal.


    Charles Lesperance (CEO of OXO), Salim Belcadi (President of ACC)


    Aris Marghetis (Lead), Alex Ferreira (Assistant)


    The lineup is available on our website and includes a mix of GMs & IMs from the chess federations of Canada, Cuba, Latvia, India and the United States.

    The current average rating is 2455 FIDE, thereby guaranteeing a minimum 6.5/9 performance requirement for a GM norm for all participating IMs. The event is likely to have the highest average rating for any Canadian chess tournament in decades.

    The games will be streamed online in real time.


    1st Place: $1,000
    2nd Place: $500


    The Board of ACC and OXO are grateful for the contributions of, in alphabetical order, Alex Ferreira, Anna Burtasova, Aris Marghetis, Erik Malmsten, George Supol, Glenn Giffen, Ismail Khachani, Louis Lesperance and Phil Rainville.

    Check ACC’s website for the list of players and more information on the event. Link: www.annexchessclub.com
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    Very impressive Salim...Congratulations!



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      Thanks a lot Larry!


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        Sounds great! Will the players room and board be covered? I also like the idea of a new Montreal chess club, co-ordinated with the Annex CC of Toronto. Let's hope it's near a Metro station.


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          Hi Hugh, the rooms and meals will indeed be covered for the players and the arbiters.

          I'll say more about the Montreal chess club when we finalize the project. The idea is to open it on Monday evenings as other days might conflict with the existing clubs in the city.


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            Originally posted by Larry Bevand View Post
            Very impressive Salim...Congratulations!

            It indeed is so impressive what Salim and his team are putting together!!


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              It looks like a great event! Two of Canada's best arbiters, a good selection of not too highly rated GM's, and 4 of Canada's top prospects for GM norms!


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                Many thanks Aris & Hans!